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Emergency Preparedness

What will you do when the grid goes down from a storm ... or longer.

Greenhouse Ventilation

When your greenhouse is the hottest, the sun is shining the most.

Off Grid Power

When the grid is not available, how do you get power to your cabin or RV?

Low Voltage Appliances

Specialized appliances for energy independence or when no wall power is available.

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How do you determine the size of your system?  Let us help do everything from your off grid property, well water pump or greenhouse ventilation.

We can build a kit that has everything you need to get started.  Don't see it in the store?  We can probably get it for you if you are looking for something specific.

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Off grid power and refrigeration

Off grid power and refrigeration

Read the story of how this remote cabin was able to be powered with very little disturbance of the surrounding beauty.

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Our Prices

Basic Kits and Starters

Simple Pump

Deep Well kits for your
manual pumping needs.
Kits can be sized for shallow 2"
wells, all the way up to
8" casing at 325 feet.
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Solar Pump

Pump water with solar only
Pump water with grid backup
Pump water with battery backup
Pump water from 1000 feet deep
Pump water at 60+ gpm
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Air Conditioning

Take the edge off a hot day
Cool exclusively from solar
Cool 24/7 from batteries
12000BTU to 18000BTU
solar, battery or hybrid operation
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John W.

The Simple Pump was exactly what we needed to overcome the frequent power outages.  We will likely add a solar submersible in the future so we can provide water for the horses and chickens.

John W., (Simple Pump)
Kate M.

We wanted a system for our new cabin build in the mountains.  Power was too expensive to bring up the hill, so we went with a complete off-grid design to meet our modest needs.  We have water pumping, refrigeration and some of the comforts like the ability to power our Starlink and charge our devices.

Kate M., (off grid cabin)
Mark M.

We were expanding our greenhouses for additional growing capacity for specialty markets and the solar powered fans were a perfect fit.  Being in a humid climate, we also opted for solar powered AC for our garden house for a place to take a break.

Mark M., (greenhouse and AC system)