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Solar water submersible pumps have been meeting the needs of rural and remote off-grid locations for homes, cabins, agriculture, livestock and wildlife watering.  Sunshine Works uses only the best. We have tested out years of pumps on ranches and homesteads all over the USA, and the world for that matter. These rugged and reliable solar well pump kit are perfect for wells with static water levels of 900 feet or less and can provide hundreds or thousands of gallons of water per day.

Controllers and Pumps can be purchased separately or in kits with or without solar panels. We can provide a one to 30 panel array for your pumping needs, agricultural, livestock, domestic water or backup water.  We'll even include all the electrical, plumbing and well cap if you want a full turnkey kit.

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SunRotor Submersible

Sun Rotor pumps can be purchased as pumps only without a solar well pumps kit. We can provide a one to 6 solar panel kit complete with ground, roof or top of pole panel mounts.  Sun Rotor pumps range from just a couple of gallons per minute to 15 gallons per minute depending on your well depth, additional lift and presence of a pressure tank. 

Mike in Wisconsin

"About 3 weeks ago I called you guys and asked a million questions about changing a windmill system to solar. I know I probably wore you out but you were very kind and knowledgeable. I have to say with a lot of reservations I ordered a kit not very convinced that it would pump the water 1500 feet to my storage tank. Well... It was a simple job to put in. All said and done I was in awe when it actually worked!! Not only that, but it is pumping much more water than Ryan said he thought it would at that distance. I just wanted y'all to know that I am extremely satisfied and want to thank you for all the help!!"

Shakti Solar

Shakti Solar pumps can be purchased as pumps only without a solar well pumps kit. We can provide a three to thirty panel kit for the highest pumping demands, complete with top of pole panel mount and everything that you need to get set up. Pumps range from 0.5hp to 5HP with multiple configurable pump stages to give you more flow, more pressure or both.

Russel in Oklahoma

"Hi Ryan, Today is our first day running the grow field from the array.  Our installer put up 24 panels to run the 5KW pump controller and 3HP pump.  We overbuilt solar to get a longer running day.  We easily get 35GPM from the well and best of all we hardly run the generator anymore.  I'm glad we still have the option, but our growing season is pretty sunny.  Now that our 20000 gallon holding tanks are topped off, we are moving to the irrigation pressure pumps next. Thanks for such a robust design."

Grundfos SQFlex

Grundfos SQFlex pumps can be purchased as pumps only without a solar well pumps kit. We can provide a one, two or three solar panel kit complete with top of pole panel mount and everything that you need to get set up except a steel pole for the panel mount, the hole for the pole, some concrete and locally purchased pipe and fittings.

Grundfos systems can run from up to 300V AC or DC.  Combine the pump with any number of control boxes for more flexibility.

  • CU 200 SQFlex control unit (pressure or float switch)
  • IO 50 SQFlex switch box
  • IO 101 SQFlex switch box

Paul in West Texas

"Hi Ron, Have just finished installing the pump and solar panel and am really pleased with the results. The pump works really well from 8.00 in morning until 9.00 p.m. and empties the tank faster than the supply fills it which is good. Have fitted float valves to both lower tank and upper tank and these work well to control the pump. I am just so pleased with the free energy and efficiency of the submersible pump. Thanks for all your help."


Hober controllers can be paired with Shakti and pumps can be purchased as controllers only for your own pump*, or as a solar well pumps kit. We can provide a 1 to 30 panel setup for up to10KW of pumping power.   

*If your pump is single phase with external capacitors or 3-phase pump/motor

Cathy in California

"We wanted a pumping system that would allow us to power shave during peak times and use solar as the primary power source, but still have the option to run from the grid or a generator.  The catch, it's tough to get a well service guy out here to put in a solar only pump, and our pump is only 5 years old.  I'm glad you recommend we check the type of pump control box for the external cylinder things (capacitors) so that we can just add a new control box."