Solar Swimming Pool Pumping System Cut Your Pool Energy Bill to Zero

Circulating your swimming pool water 24 hours a day is significant part of your electricity bill during the swimming season?  A high volume DC solar pump can run solar panel direct during daylight hours to keep your pool in good condition with no energy expense.  The system shown here costs less than $7,500.  You don't need to pump 24/7 to keep your pool water in good condition as you can see from this pool.

Power Source Location

The pump house is at the far end of the pool.  Two solar panels are above the house on a freestanding top of pole solar panel mount.

Dankoff SunCentric

The AC pump is on the right and is available for backup on cloudy or overcast days if needed.  The DC pump is center, a Dankoff SunCentric high volume vane pump that will pump 50 gallons per minute.  A basket strainer is left of the pump.  For larger swimming pools two or more solar pumps can be added to increase the water flow.

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Panel Mounting

Two large 24 volt 72 cell solar panels are mounted on a Tamarack top of pole mount to power the DC pump at 36 volts.  The panels are angle adjustable to maximize the energy from the panels according to the season.

More Pole Mounting


Mounted on the back of the pole is a combiner box with circuit breakers and a top quality lightning arrestor.  A pump controller and linear current booster could be used with this system in locations that have significant cloudy weather.  The customer decided it wasn't needed for this system, and he was right!

Roger S.

Ron, I would like to thank you for all your help in the designing and furnishing the required material for my solar swimming pool pump and filtration system. It is nice to let the sun run the SunCentric vane pump and not have a high power bill. Even on cloudy days the pump circulates the 35,000 gallons of water in our pool. The pump is also strong enough to use our vacuum system to clean the pool. I can't state how happy and pleased I am with the complete solar system and pump. Thank you again and look forward to doing business with you on future projects.

Update after 4 months use: We compared our electric bills this year to last year and the solar pump is saving us about $200 a month.

Roger S., North Carolina

SunCentric pumps can be powered directly by solar panels.  A pump controller with linear current booster is not mandatory but will significantly improve the consistency of pumping performance.

If you need constant pressure or flow for your SunCentric application then a solar charged battery system will provide the best performance.  Batteries can also be charged by other power sources.

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