Charge Control Systems 1-30 Amps

PWM and direct charge controllers are amperage limited and voltage tolerant.  Higher the voltage of the array and higher the battery bank voltage will allow more controller capacity.  The capacity of a 10 amp PWM charge controller in a typical maximum 50 volt system works like this.

  • A 12 volt battery bank is limited to about 120 watts of solar panels

  • A 24 volt battery bank is limited to about 240 watts of solar panels

Direct solar charging of 12V batteries with a solar panel does not use a controller at all.  The construction of the panel inherently limits the voltage and current to within the tolerable range for a 12V battery, including lithium.  The panels are limited to about 10Watts, or about 0.6A at 13V-14V.

5W Solar Battery Charger and Maintainer


Equipped with premium monocrystalline solar cells, the Renogy 5W Solar Battery Charger and Maintainer manages your 12V lead-acid battery in daylight conditions by converting the sunlight into usable electricity and maintaining a healthy state of charge. The built-in MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charge controller intelligently manages the charging process and improves the charging efficiency by 10%-20%. The plug-and-play SAE connecter and included adapter cables make the solar battery charger maintainer a versatile fit for most applications.

Note: For some makes or models of vehicles, the cigarette lighter port may not operate when the ignition is turned off. In such cases, please connect the solar battery charger maintainer to the battery directly.


Effortless Charging
  • The highly efficient solar panel can charge and maintain a 12V lead-acid battery in daylight conditions.
Smart Controller
  • The built-in MPPT charge controller ensures a safe and efficient charging process with a smart 3-stage charging algorithm.
Ultimate Safety
  • The intelligent chip provides the battery and solar panel with comprehensive protections, including over-discharge protection, reverse polarity protection, and reverse current protection.
Plug-n-Play Connection
  • The SAE connecter and adapter cables provide a convenient connection to most 12V lead-acid batteries.


  • 1 x Renogy 5W Solar Battery Charger Maintainer
  • 1 x SAE to Cigarette Lighter Plug Cable
  • 1 x SAE to Ring Terminal Cable
  • 1 x SAE to Alligator Clip Cable
  • 8 x Suction Cups
  • 1 x User Manual

New Edition Voyager 10A PWM Waterproof Solar Charge Controller


Featuring a blue back-lit LCD displaying system information including error codes, the Voyager 10 amp charge controller is engineered to be of world-class quality. Not only is it waterproof, but it is also equipped with advanced PWM technology suitable for 12V and 24V off-grid applications, and compatible with 4 different battery types, including Lithium! Ensure your system's longevity and stay worry-free as the Voyager also has you covered with multiple solar panel, battery, and controller protections. It's the perfect solar panel accessory.


  • 12V / 24V Battery Compatibility with Auto Recognition.
  • Smart 4 Stage PWM charging: Bulk, Absorption, Float, and Equalization.
  • 4 Battery Type Compatible – Sealed/AGM, Gel, Flooded, and Lithium batteries, with Lithium Awakening feature.
  • Watertight design with Backlit LCD display for system information including error codes.
  • Multiple Protections for Battery, Controller, and Solar Panels including reverse polarity and more.