Hand Water Well Pump Stainless Steel Simple Pump


Lever arm hand Water pumps have been in use around the world for over 150 years and in many developing economies millions of people use them today to get clean drinking water from wells. The lever arm hand well pump has been reinvented for the 21st Century, improving the advantages of previous designs and eliminating the negatives.  The Simple Pump™ uses a positive displacement lift rod design, also referred to as a "sucker rod", to lift water from the well to the surface and can pump as much as 5 gallons per minute from depths of up to 350 feet (19 liters per minute from 107 meters) with minimal hand force.

With the standard 24 inch handle, the hand-operated Simple Pump requires very little force to operate and easily pumps 5 gallons per minute from depths to about 200 feet, delivered at normal household water pressure of about 50 psi. Tested on a 120-foot deep well with 70 foot static water level, the optional 36 inch handle decreased the required pumping force from 8 pounds to 4. This decreased effort means water can be pumped from greater depths - from as deep as 325 feet.

Note: These depth figures are for water delivered at the pump head. If you are pumping (for example) fifty feet uphill to your house, the required force for that part will decrease the depth below ground from which you can pump.  Request a Simple Pump quote.

Flow, Depth Supported, Required Pumping Effort Revised August 2016


Hand Well Pump Features

  • Easy to install - less than 2 hours for a novice with only simple hand tools needed

  • Super reliable with low maintenance costs - $25 to $30 for seals once every five years

  • More affordable than any comparable pump

  • Can be easily upgraded from hand-operated to motorized

  • Motor Extension Kit can be added in just a few minutes

  • Motor can run directly off a single 250W solar panel in most locations

  • Manufactured from lead free stainless steel on CNC machinery is an aerospace-class manufacturing facility

  • Unmatched durability: designed for 50+ years of useful life

  • Can replace a broken India Mark II or Afridev pump right on their pedestal, with our simple, bolt-on adaptor

  • Shallow or deep well - to 325 feet

  • Lever arm removes in minutes for security and vandalism avoidance

  • Frost-proof design is standard

  • Tough enough for industrial use

  • Ideal for groundwater sampling, monitoring and land fill dewatering

  • Great for off-grid solar powered installations

  • Farm and agricultural applications include watering livestock.  Up to 3,000 gallons per day per pump for low cost irrigation using the motorized version

  • USA Safe Drinking Water Act compliant

  • Approved by the US National Park Service for installation in National Parks

  • Approved by the US Forest Service for installation in National Forests

  • Easy to transport

  • No special lifting rig or derrick required for installation

  • 5 Year Warranty

A Very Cost Effective Investment

All of the components for a typical Simple Pump installation are likely to cost less than $1,700.  The Motor Extension Kit is less than $900.  The cost for deeper wells increases according to the depth for the components needed to position the lift rod at the depth of the water in the well.  With a useful life of 50 years or more, and with reasonably priced replacement parts, a Simple Pump installation is likely to be of benefit to your grand children.

Please use our Simple Pump quote form or call us for more information and assistance.

Let Us Help You Configure Your Installation

Like any other engineered product, making sure the proper components are selected for your location and situation is an important step to success.  We can give you best use recommendations for assuring a safe and sanitary Simple Pump installation.  Please contact us today.