HotSpot Energy ACDC12C Solar Kit

HotSpot Energy ACDC12C Solar Kit
HotSpot Energy ACDC12C Solar KitHotSpot Energy ACDC12C Solar KitHotSpot Energy ACDC12C Solar KitHotSpot Energy ACDC12C Solar Kit
$4,589.00 each Weight: 250 lb
Width: 13 in
Length: 34 in
Height: 22 in
Brand: HotSpot EnergyHotSpot Energy

This is the 5th generation of our ACDC12x solar air conditioner series with a new key feature we've had so many requests for - our new "C" model ACDC12C solar air conditioning technology requires no grid connection. Like previous versions, it also needs no batteries, no inverter, no charge controller - just plug in the solar panels and start saving up to 100% on daytime cooling or heating costs. A grid connection can be added to automatically allow operation at night, as well as to provide higher daytime capacity & uninterrupted operation during cloudy or low sunlight conditions.

During the day the ACDC12C can run exclusively on solar power with no AC power or grid connection when solar is strong enough. The maximum speed/capacity will be based on the level of available solar power available. If also connected to AC power source, the unit can run at full speed whenever needed, and will add in just enough AC power, if/as needed, while still primarily using available solar DC power.

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Standard Kit contents include:

  • (1) HotSpot Energy ACDC12C solar DC / hybrid AC 12,000BTU AC unit
  • (4) Trina 410W 144 Half Cell Bifacial Mono Solar Panels *
  • (2) Tamarack UNI-GR/130, 130" ground/roof adjustable angle rails for 4 total panels
  • (2) 25 feet of 10ga UL listed PhotoVoltaic wire with MC4 connectors on each end

Options are available for:

  • extended solar operation (450W or 550W panels)
  • longer cables
  • Tamarack 1.6 Rail roof mount for various roof types
  • Tamarack pole mount for 3 panels

(*)Exact Solar panel model number may not be available and may be replaced by a comparable performing panel based on availability

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