HotSpot Energy ACDC24C

$2,995.00 each Weight: 136 lb
Width: 16 in
Length: 38 in
Height: 28 in
Brand: HotSpot EnergyHotSpot Energy

 Your air conditioner needs the most power when the sun is shining, a coincidence you can take advantage of with our ACDC24C solar air conditioner. It can keep an indoor area cool during the day for free, or for just pennies, at times when solar power is not sufficient to carry 100% of the load. Use this system to cool a small area or to augment a larger system. 

During the day the ACDC24C can run exclusively on solar power with no AC power or grid connection when solar is strong enough. The maximum speed/capacity will be based on the level of available solar power available. If also connected to AC power source, the unit can run at full speed whenever needed, and will add in just enough AC power, if/as needed, while still primarily using available solar DC power.

  • Solar Power, minimum 4, 5 or 6 - 450W panels in series (110-300 Vmp)
  • Backup Power, 208/240VAC, 50/60 Hz, maximum 7.5 amps, 0.3 amps on standby
  • Operating Range 20ºF -125ºF
  • Cooling Capacity 24,000 BTU per hour
  • Average Cooling Power Consumption 1143 W
  • Cooling Power Input 1,950 W
  • Cooling COP 3.42
  • SEER 20 operating from main power, 60 operating from solar panels
  • Heating Capacity 24,000 BTU per hour
  • Heating Power Input 2,400 W
  • Heating COP 3.89
  • HSPF 9.5 

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