12" DC Solar Snap Fan
12" DC Solar Snap Fan
12" DC Solar Snap Fan

12" DC Solar Snap Fan

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-Made in the USA

-DC Brush Motor Designed specifically to operate directly from Solar or Battery Power

-Patented Aerodynamic Motor Mounting system

-Glass reinforced polypropylene airfoil blade with di-cast aluminum hub gives balanced, smooth and quiet performance

-Rugged corrosion resistant frame molded to maximize airflow

-All parts serviceable and/or  replaceable

-2 years warranty against parts and labor

-Motor warrantied for operation up to 24VDC

The charts show the RPM at various voltages and static pressures. Fan motor accepts varying voltages such as those shown on the chart. DO NOT EXCEED 24 VOLTS DC. Higher voltage/amperage on fan motor will decrease brush life. Below you will see the specific amperage draw for each motor at varying voltages and static pressures. 320