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XR Extended Range Depth & Flow Solar Pump Systems

XR Extended Range Depth & Flow Solar Pump Systems

  • 4 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch diameter 304 stainless steel pump bodies

  • 4 inch pumps have an extremely wide range of depth and flow rate applications

  • Power ranges from ½ HP to 7 ½ HP -  2 HP to 1,550 feet lift 5 HP flows 5.0 GPM at 1,500 feet

  • 6 and 8 inch pumps have high flow and high lift capabilities that make solar a viable technology for municipal and high volume irrigation applications

  • Power ranges from 5 HP to 55 HP with flow ranges at 100 feet up to 600 GPM (25 HP)

  • 15 HP flows in excess of 100 GPM at 350 feet

  • 600 GPM at 100 feet with 25 HP 8 inch turbine pump

  • Download the XR technical datasheet

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