What Happened to Snap-Fan?

Sunshine Works began selling Snap-Fan solar ventilating fans in August 2010 and since that time has sold hundreds of fans to customers all around the USA, Canada and to many customers overseas. With few exceptions, these shipments originated from the factory in Arcata, California, drop shipped factory direct to save our customers time and money from redundant shipping costs.

In May 2016 Snap-Fan informed us they would no longer drop ship to our customers, and forced upon us an unfriendly contract requiring a $$$$$ five figure minimum stock order with any additional fan orders being a minimum of $5,000.  Yikes!  Negotiations were fruitless.

We have looked at scores of sales agreements over the years, none of them as poorly thought out as this one.  This may be good for Snap-Fan, but it is not good for our small business or for providing good prices to our customers.

If you have purchased a Snap-Fan from us in the past, the factory has graciously agreed to allow us to provide parts support. If you need a new Snap-Fan, contact the factory. If you need assistance with solar power to operate Snap-Fans please contact us.

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