Vaccine Refrigerators SunDanzer BFRV55 Pharmaceutical & Medical Refrigerators

Vaccine Refrigerators SunDanzer BFRV55 Pharmaceutical & Medical Refrigerators

Vaccine refrigerated storage requires very close temperature control typically within a range of 35F to 46F (2C - 8C) which can be a real challenge in hot climates with unreliable electricity or no electricity at all.


SunDanzer's BFRV55 Vaccine Refrigerators are designed and built to meet the challenge, able to run on 12 volt PV solar power or other renewable energy to maintain constant temperatures below 50F (10C) for up to  83.5 hours in an ambient environment of 109F (43C) or up to 116 hours at 90F (32C). A battery is NOT required.

The BFRV55 meets the World Health Organization standard WHO /PQS/E003/RFo5-VP.2, rated for Hot Zone 43°C vaccine refrigeration. The BFRV55 operates battery free.

SunDanzer refrigerators and freezers are a proven technology resulting from more than 15 years of testing in real-life real-world conditions.  The BFRV55 has been tested and pre-qualified by the WHO. Cabinet insulation is 110mm high density polyurethane.  Refrigerant is CFC-free R134A.

The SunDanzer BFRV55 provides 55 liters of vaccine storage using direct-drive battery-free technology.

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Vaccine Refrigerator Features

  • 54.5 liters vaccine storage capacity

  • Meets WHO /PQS/E003/RFo5-VP.2 standard

  • Rated for Hot Zone 43°C

  • Requires no battery

  • Cabinet contains 110 mm of insulation

  • External digital temperature display

  • Lock to secure the contents


  • External Dimensions: 88 x 96.5 x 71 cm (HxWxL)

  • 60 liters gross volume

  • Refrigerant: R134a

  • Autonomy at 43°C: 83.5 hours

  • Autonomy at 32°C: 116 hours

  • Energy Source: Nominal 12VDC solar electric array

  • Power Consumption: 490 watt-hours per 24 hours in normal operation

  • Accessories: 2 vaccine storage baskets (stackable), manual, lock and key.

  • Shipping volume/weight: .68 cubic meters 99 kilograms

Solar Powered Vaccine Refrigerator Sizing

The SunDanzer BFRV vaccine refrigerator uses direct drive control technology to power the compressor directly from 12 volt solar panels.  Since the operation is battery free, the energy supply from the panels to the refrigerator is different from a conventional south facing (or north facing south of the equator) array that is most effective to capture peak irradiance during the middle of the day for charging batteries.


The SunDanzer BFRV55 operates best on an east-west facing solar array of 2 each 12 volt panels (or more depending on watts required). As seen in the graph below, the east-west array provides a flatter and longer energy input that allows more compressor runtime during the day.


The east-west array performs in a similar manner to a solar tracker but without the expense of the tracker, and without tracker maintenance issues.  It is important that the solar panels used have blocking diodes so that the panel that is not in direct sunlight does not diminish the performance of the sunlit panel.


This graph shows the difference between a conventional solar array tilted toward the equator and the east-west array for improving compressor run time over the course of the day.  More run time for the compressor means better overall performance.  This has proven through extensive testing in the development of the BFRV55 vaccine refrigerator to be a significant advantage for the optimum performance of the unit.

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