Thin Solar Panels Custom Manufactured Glass Free Made in the USA

Thin Solar Panels Custom Manufactured Glass Free Made in the USA

Neutron 123 Watt Glass Free Thin Solar Panels

Neutron solar panels are custom manufactured to withstand rugged conditions and harsh environments where glass faced panels fear to tread.  These high efficiency modules can be laminated to custom substrates to meet your requirements.  Depending on the substrate, Neutron panels can be thinner than 1/4 inch, able to fit where metal framed solar modules cannot.  The weight of Neutron panels is 20 to 25% of comparable conventional glass metal framed panels.

Total Neutron 123 Watt Is 0.199 Inches Thick Weight 8 Pounds

High Performance Cells Mounted to Dibond Board

This is a custom manufactured product which is "made to order" according to your requirements.  The example specifications below are an example only and are subject to change without notice.

Neutron 123 Thin Solar Panel Specifications

  • Maximum Power PMPP 123 Watts

  • Maximum Power Point Voltage VMPP  10.475 Volts

  • Maximum Power Point Current IMPP  5.93 Amps

  • Open Circuit Voltage Voc  12.365 Volts

  • Short Circuit Currrent Isc  6.28 Amps

  • Maximum System Voltage Vsys  600 Volts

  • Temperature Coefficient Voltage  -0.32/°K

  • Temperature Coefficient Power  -1.8mV/K

  • NOCT  48 °C

  • Dimensions

    • 32.5 x 36 x 0.26 Inches LxWxThickness

    • 826 x 813 x 7 mm

  • Weight  8 Pounds  3.63 Kilograms

  • Number of Cells  36

  • Substrate  White Dibond Board

  • Connectors - Multiple options available

Neutron Options

  • Anti-Glint Surface

  • Camouflage

  • MC3, MC4, SAE or other connectors

  • Grommets

  • Other substrates and colors

Note to Consumers

This is not an off the shelf product.  If you would like to be notified when we have panels in production, please contact us with your complete information and we will add you to our notification list.

Please contact us for your custom solar panel requirements call us.