SunDanzer Refrigerators and Freezers Super Energy Efficient DC 12 & 24 Volts

SunDanzer manufactures the world's most energy efficient low voltage refrigerators and freezers which are designed for off-grid refrigeration needs around the world.

SunDanzer technology was developed from the National Aeronautic & Space Administration's (NASA) Advanced Technology Refrigeration Project to develop super energy efficient refrigeration solutions for the international space station project.  In 1999, SunDanzer transformed the technology into the first low voltage direct current off-grid refrigerators and freezers.

SunDanzer Models

These SunDanzers are in our office kitchen at Sunshine Works.  The DCF50 is on the left, set up as a freezer.  The DCR165 is on the right, set up as a refrigerator.  The only difference between a freezer and refrigerator is a simple change-out of the thermostat.  These units are also equipped with the optional 115 VAC controls which will operate the units on grid power.  When the grid goes down they automatically run on low voltage 12 or 24 volts.

The Model 50 has a flat bottom compartment without storage baskets.  Note the wall thickness which is the super insulation that makes SunDanzers the most energy efficient solar refrigerators and freezers in the world.

The Model 165 and the Model 225 (not shown here) have stackable baskets that also run on the recessed rails of the cabinet wall as shown here.  To the right is a step up which is the space for the compressor and controls.  This is a good place and height for taller beverage containers or a tall 1.5 liter wine bottle.

We own and use a total of six SunDanzers.

See more information on the SunDanzer Model 225 here.

SunDanzer manufactures a direct drive battery free refrigerator which runs directly from solar panels.  See more about the SunDanzer DDR165 here.

The most recent addition to the SunDanzer is the BFRV55 Vaccine Refrigerator.

Vaccine refrigerated storage requires very close temperature control typically within a range of 35F to 46F (2C - 8C) which can be a real challenge in hot climates with unreliable electricity or no electricity at all.

The BFRV55 meets the World Health Organization standard WHO /PQS/E003/RFo5-VP.2, rated for Hot Zone 43°C vaccine refrigeration. The BFRV55 operates battery free.