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SunDanzer solar refrigerators and freezers
come as a complete package ready to wire up and go to work.  There are only a couple of items that you might need as options or replacement parts.

Lance in the Cayman Islands says: Hi Ron! Thanks much for suggesting that we get extra thermostats for our SunDanzersJust had the fridge thermostat go out, and thanks to you, we're all restored.

Thermostats & SunDanzer Thermostat Changeout Instructions

One of the really cool things (pun intended) about SunDanzer is that by changing the thermostat, your refrigerator becomes a freezer or vice versa.  We frequently have customers purchase the other thermostat with their units just in case they want to make the change.  The cost of the thermostat is $30 (subject to change without notice) for either refrigerator or freezer plus shipping if ordered as a separate item.  We keep these items in stock for immediate delivery.

Download the instructions on how to change-out the thermostat.

If you are changing your SunDanzer from a refrigerator to a freezer the next item below will be helpful.

SunDanzer Thermostat Terminals  SunDanzer thermostats for models 50, 165 and 225 require two connections to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU), one from Terminal C to Terminal C on the ECU, and one from Terminal T to Terminal T on the ECU.

SunDanzer freezer and extra cold freezer thermostats come with an additional wire attached to Terminal P, which should be connected to Terminal P on the ECU.  This allows the compressor to run at higher RPMs if needed to maintain the colder temperature of the freezer.

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115 Volt Power In Addition to 12 or 24 Volt DC

SunDanzer units are all dual voltage, a really smart standard design.  The control circuit senses the power supply and will automatically operate on 12 volt or 24 volt direct current.  115 VAC operation is the default condition.

SunDanzer also has a triple voltage control circuit that will allow your freezer or refrigerator to operate on 115 volt alternating current as well as 12 or 24 volt DC.  This option is best installed at the factory.  The additional cost for any model is $150.00 (subject to change without notice). 

You can also field install this option.  The cost is $350 including shipping to the USA and Canada (subject to change without notice).  We have detailed instructions on how to make this change-out.

Aftermarket 115 VAC Control Option

Additional Storage Baskets

You can purchase additional storage baskets for your SunDanzer.   The baskets can be used to run on the internal recessed rails within the unit for top level storage.  You can also turn the runners inward and stack.  The 225 models will accommodate an additional basket on the top rails.  The smaller model 165 will not.  The cost of additional baskets is $20 each (subject to change without notice) with no additional shipping if ordered with the unit.  We have baskets in stock.

Model 165 comes from the factory with 2 baskets, Model 225 3 baskets, Model 390 4 baskets.

Storage Basket

SunDanzer ECU Electronic Control Unit for Danfoss Compressors

We stock the SunDanzer Danfoss ECU (electric control unit).  The latest version is part number 101N0210 which is a compatible upgrade for the previous version 101N0300.

Electronic Control Unit

Interior Light Bulb

The SunDanzer interior light bulb is Item SDBulb and costs $5 plus shipping (subject to change without notice).  Note that since SunDanzers will run on both 12 and 24 volt DC, the bulb is a 24 volt bulb, and will seem a quite dim if you are running your SunDanzer on 12 volts and not so great on 24 volts, either.  For these reasons we have developed a manufacturing source for the LED light bulb, next item below.  It will be the last SunDanzer light bulb you will ever need, free replacement for life if the blub burns out.

SunDanzer Incandescent (factory standard) Light Bulb

LED Replacement Lamp for SunDanzer Refrigerators & Freezers

Unretouched video camera images taken under the same exact conditions. Standard light bulb left, new LED lamp right.

One of the common complaints about SunDanzer, especially for folks operating their refrigerator or freezer on 12 volts, is the dim performance of the standard interior incandescent light bulb that comes with the unit.

Let there be light!

Sunshine Works has a LED lamp that is a perfect fit replacement with over four times the light.  Guaranteed for 50,000 hours of operation.  Free replacement 10 years from date of purchase.  Uses less energy and creates less heat. Operates on 12 or 24 volts DC.  Available now!

 SunDanzer LED Light Bulb

How to Change the Light Bulb

Other Parts

We can assist you with any other SunDanzer parts requirements, please contact us for assistance, thanks.

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