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SunDanzer DCRF450 Upright Solar Refrigerator Freezer

August 9, 2016 update:

The DCRF450 was off the market for several years due to other production priorities at SunDanzer.  The DCRF450 is available again in limited production quantities.  Please inquire.

The Model DCRF450 maintains the super insulation and high efficiency compressor that makes SunDanzer the most energy efficient refrigerators and freezers in the world.  The DCRF450 uses about 950 watt-hours per day at 12 volts DC in an average ambient temperature environment of 90 degrees F, which will require a 250 to 350 watt solar array, depending on the solar insolation available where you are.

Download the DCRF450 product flyer here.

DCRF450 Features

  • Runs from a 250 to 350 watt solar array in most locations

  • Operates on 12/24 Volt DC or there is an option for 48 Volt DC only

  • Scratch resistant galvanized steel exterior and easy to clean interior

  • CFC-free refrigerant R-134a

  • Interior light (see our LED light option)

  • Adjustable shelves

  • 115 VAC control is not available, but the unit can be operated from a 115 VAC power supply to run at the appropriate DC voltage

SunDanzer DCRF450 Specifications

  • Input Voltage:  12/24 VDC or 48 VDC

  • Power Requirements (typical maximum):  950 watt-hours per day at 90 degrees F average ambient temperature

  • Fuse Size: 15 Amps 12V 7.5 Amps 24

  • Capacity Freezer:

    • 141.6 liters

    • 5.0 cubic feet

  • Capacity Refrigerator:

    • 283.2 liters

    • 10.0 cubic feet

  • Exterior Dimensions:

    • 1899 x 782 x 724 mm Height x Width x Depth

    • 74.75 x 30.75 x 28.5 inches Height x Width x Depth

  • Shipping Dimensions:

    • 2045 x 893 x 775 mm Height x Width x Depth

    • 80.5 x 33 x 30.5 inches Height x Width x Depth

  • Shipping Weight:

    • 103.4 kilograms

    • 228 pounds

Other SunDanzer Options & Accessories

There are a few SunDanzer options and accessories that might help you make the best use of your SunDanzer.  Read more.

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Model DCRF450 Refrigerator $1,885.00


 There is no better solar refrigerator or freezer on the market.  When you purchase SunDanzer, you buy the best.

Prices:  All prices in U.S. Dollars. Prices subject to change without notice. Freight charges are additional.

Packaging:  Standard packaging includes two-ply cardboard exterior with reinforced Styrofoam and honeycomb edge protection on wooden skids. Payment Terms:  Net prior to shipment using any major credit card processes by phone, PayPal or cleared check prior to shipment.  Export shipment payments by Western Union, postal money order, PayPal, or wire transfer.

Warranty: SunDanzer provides a limited warranty against defects in workmanship and material for a period of one (1) year from the purchase date.

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