Solar Submersible Well Pumps Grundfos SQFlex

Solar Submersible Well Pumps Grundfos SQFlex

Grundfos solar submersible well pumps are ideal for off grid applications where pumping high volumes of water from shallow wells or pumping from wells too deep for other pumps is required.

SQFlex can pump over 70 gallons per minute from shallow wells and lower volumes of water from wells with static levels as deep as 800 feet.

There are 11 SQFlex models, some with helical motors and some with centrifugal motors, to provide the selection of the right pump for your static water level, gallons per minute and energy input requirements.

SQFlex Pump Models

Pump Model

Feet Head


Casing ID

Dimensions Inches Ship Weight Pounds

Pump Type

3 SQF-2 360 3 3 1 NPT 47 x 2.9 - 21 Helical Rotor
3 SQF-3 600 3 3 1 NPT 49 x 2.9 - 21 Helical Rotor
6 SQF-2 360 6 3 1 NPT 48 x 2.9 - 21 Helical Rotor
6 SQF-3 820 6 3 1 NPT 51 x 2.9 - 22 Helical Rotor
11 SQF-2 300 11 3 1.25 NPT 49 x 2.9 - 22 Helical Rotor
16 SQF-10 210 16 4 1.25 NPT 38 x 3.9 - 24 Centrifugal
25 SQF-3 45 25 4 1.5 NPT 32 x 3.9 - 21 Centrifugal
25 SQF-7 180 25 4 1.5 NPT 35 x 3.9 - 23 Centrifugal
40 SQF-3 45 40 4 2 NPT 36 x 3.9 - 24 Centrifugal
40 SQF-5 90 40 4 2 NPT 40 x 3.9 - 26.5 Centrifugal
60 SQF-3 45 60 4 2 NPT 39 x 3.9 - 27 Centrifugal


See a high volume solar water pump sizing chart.

Versatile Power Sources

Using the proper SQFlex controller, these versatile pumps can be powered by solar panel, wind turbine using DC, or from a battery bank using DC, or can operate on AC from an inverter, generator, from the grid or any combination of these energy sources.

Minimum DC power requirements start at 30 volts and pump performance increases as the voltage increases up to 300 VDC.  Alternating current 120 VAC (or 240 VAC 50 Hz) will also power the pump.  Overload protection and over/under voltage protection is a standard feature.

The pump motor for all SQFlex solar submersible well pumps draws a maximum of 8.4 amps.  Increasing the input voltage increases the pump performance.

Versatile Controls

SQFlex controls can be combined if more than one control feature is required for your installation.

  • CU200 SQF Control Box This controller and system monitor can be used with solar alone or in combination with the other controls listed here.  The CU200 will allow you to add a float switch to shut off the pump when a storage tank is full.  The system monitor displays pump operation, full tank, input power in watts, and alarms for dry running, overvoltage, overload and over temperature conditions.

  • IO 50 Simple On Off Box A disconnect switch and enclosure for turning the power source to the pump on and off.

  • IO 101 Generator and AC Interface Box Includes an on off disconnect switch and allows operation of the SQFlex pump from solar or a manual start AC generator, inverter or utility connection if present.  An automatic transfer switch reconnects the DC power source when the AC power stops.  Note that the SQFlex will not operate if a GFCI (ground fault) is in the AC supply circuit.

  • IO 102 Wind Generator Interface Box If wind energy is a viable resource at your well, the IO 102 is used exclusively for a wind turbine to supply energy to the pump.

  • Water Level Switch The water level switch interfaces with the CU200 control and requires only 15 mA.  The switch can be located as far as 1,640 feet from the pump using a minimum #18 AWG two conductor wire.

Versatile Applications

People, livestock, crops and wildlife depend on an adequate supply of clean water. The innovative, state-of-the-art SQFlex system provides both water and the power needed to operate the pump system in remote areas where water is scarce and the power supply nonexistent or unreliable.

SQFlex uses solar panels or wind turbines, or a combination of both to adapt to the  weather profile and renewable energy resources of your well. A generator or battery backup system can take over when renewable energy sources are scarce. SQFlex is more than just a pump - we can provide a complete system. Tell us where you are located, your water table depth and estimated water needs, and we can tailor the system for your requirements. SQFlex is delivered as a plug-and-go-to-work solution complete with SQF submersible pump, controllers, renewable energy, easy to install, operate and maintain.

A two year warranty is standard.  A five year warranty is available as an extra cost option.

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