Solar Powered Wireless Controls Switch, Relay, Data Controller, Remote Monitoring

Solar Powered Wireless Controls Switch, Relay, Data Controller, Remote Monitoring

Solar powered wireless controls can be used for a wide range of applications from water tank level monitoring to pump switching control, remote lighting control, data control and monitoring.

Remote Control Technology has both long range and short range solutions for almost any situation and solar powered operation makes for cost effective installation and operation in even the most remote locations.

Wireless Switching

Wireless Switch Systems are designed for both long range and short range simple wireless switching.

Wireless switching is the simple solution for applications where existing electric service is inadequate or new installation of electric service is not possible or practical.  Off grid solar powered operation allows installation in remote locations where grid power is unavailable.

Possible applications include:

  • Pump Control

  • Valve Actuation

  • Conveyor Control

  • Grain Augers

  • Light Control

  • Alarm Systems

  • PLC Activation

  • Engine Control

  • Wireless Automation

Wireless switching systems are available for short, medium and long range operation of up to 5 miles.  Note that the range is dependent on conditions at the installation site.  Control functions consist of up to a sixteen-input (12 VDC) transmitter and up to a sixteen-output relay receiver.  Systems come complete with power supplies and antennas. Simply make your connections, they are ready for use and guaranteed to perform.

Wireless Data Controllers

The Wireless Data Controller (WDC) is a Web-to-wireless supervisory control and data acquisition device designed to directly monitor up to 10 digital inputs, which can be dry contacts or 120 VAC. The WDC can also monitor up to three analog inputs and has three remote control relays. Applications can be monitored in near real-time, application status can be evaluated, and if required, corrective action can be implemented right from any Web browser.

The WDC automates any application as well as sending critical status alerts to any Web or text-enabled device such as a cell phone, PDA, laptop computer, desktop computer or pager. You can maintain complete situational awareness with critical reports such as power outages, low battery levels, and output status. The WDC includes an integrated cellular modem that communicates over the North American cellular data network’s control channel. This MicroBurst© based radio can be installed anywhere there is analog or digital cellular coverage.

  • Monitor Hardware

  • Command & Control

  • Emergency Notification

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Ultra-Long Range Process Control

  • Tank Level, Flow Rate, Temperature

  • PLC Activation

  • Wireless Automation

Installation is simple: Configure the inputs/outputs as described in the installation guide and apply power. Once power is applied, the WDC will automatically establish two-way communications over the public cellular network. Simply log on to a custom, private Web page to monitor your system from anywhere in the world. Airtime billing can be configured for monthly, bi-monthly, or annual payments.

Solar Power

Both transmitters and receivers can be off grid solar powered for reliable remote operation where grid power is unavailable or where conventional wiring is impractical or unaffordable.  We can configure a solar power system to meet your exact requirements.

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