Solar Panels for Emergency Use Disaster Response & Recovery - Home Power Backup

Solar Panels for Emergency Use Disaster Response & Recovery - Home Power Backup

When a storm, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, wildfire or power blackout occurs, there is great safety and comfort in knowing that you can meet your basic electricity needs?  That's what we think.  Solar panels for emergency use are an affordable and reliable way to provide operating and backup power that makes you grid independent.

Conventional generators are helpful but what do you do if you can't get fuel?

Here are a number of options to keep the lights on, the fans running, the cell phones charged and your solar refrigerator or freezer running.

12 Volt Portable - Foldable Solar Charging Systems

Our 40 watt, 90 watt and 130 watt charging systems come with everything you need except a battery.

Carrying Case for safe transportation and storage is standard with every kit.  The 40 watt has a cloth case, the 90 watt and 130 watt kits have an aluminum case.

Telescoping Adjustable Legs are easily adjusted to allow for maximum power generation based on location and the angle and position of the sun.

Smart Pulse Width Modulation Charge Controller safely regulates battery charging.  An LED display clearly indicates the state of charge of the battery and a toggle switch allows for selection of lead acid and gel type battery charging.

Battery Clamps & Ring Terminals are provided for easy battery connection from the charge controller.

Carrying Handle and Locking Fasteners The 90 watt and 130 watt kits include a suitcase type handle and locking fasteners to lock the panel case shut for transport or storage.

CIGS Adaptor Connectors are included as standard accessories.

Model SLCK-040-12 SLP-090F-12S SLP-130F-12S Maximum Power 40 watts 90 watts 130 watts Nominal Voltage 12 volts 12 volts 12 volts Minimum Charge Start Voltage 8 volts (controller will not work with a battery less than 8 volts) PV Panel Aluminum frame glass faced multi-crystaline Number of Panels 1 2 45 watts parallel 2 65 watts parallel Maximum Power Volts 17.2 volts 17.2 volts 17.2 volts Maximum Power Amps 2.32 amps 5.24 amps 7.56 amps Solar Charge Controller Remote PWM Built-in PWM Maximum Load Amps 3 amps 7 amps 10 amps In-line Fuse 3 amps 10 amps 15 amps Operating Temperature - 20 C to + 50 C Accessories Included Carry Case Cloth Aluminum Aluminum 16.4 Ft Cable Extension Included Included Included Battery Clamp Set Included Included Included CIGS Connector Kit Included Included Included Weight and Dimensions Inches 30 x 5 x 24 30 x 7.5 x 27 44 x 7.5 x 30 Pounds 10.7 38.6 49.6 MSRP 

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Portable Solar Power & Charging Stations

Our hinged solar modules with telescoping legs and "plug and play" electrical connectors for rapid deployment and quick  set-up are idea for both emergency and recreational use.  The foldable array is small enough to fit in the trunk of most full size automobiles.

For home emergency backup power, 130 watts is enough energy (assuming you have adequate battery storage) to run 12 volt lights, solar ceiling fans, a high efficiency solar refrigerator like our SunDanzer emergency refrigerators, a laptop computer, and also charge multiple low voltage devices like cell phones, battery powered lanterns, two way radios, portable AM FM and weather band radios and your iPod.

These kinds of systems can be integrated with trailers, vans, transportable shelters and other mobile systems for rapid deployment.

Military Grade Solar Panels

Military grade solar panels have been developed for the U S Army, Marines and other branches of the service who need to deploy electricity in the field while meeting the most stringent quality and durability requirements.  Energy Masters foldable Solar Tactical Advanced Recharger (STAR) solar panels meet and exceed the requirements of MIL-STD-810-F and have been field proven in multiple trails.  We also have Global Solar Military Solar Chargers P3 Portable Power Packs in both 12 and 24 volts, up to 124 watts.

Foldable Flexible Solar Panels

We represent the SUNLINQ line of flexible foldable solar panels which are excellent for portability and light weight.

For in the field applications involving emergency and rescue workers who are on foot and backpacking, these are the easiest to carry panels available.

Custom Configured Emergency Energy Systems

Whatever your emergency use solar panel and power requirements, we can help you configure a system or multiple systems that meet your exact requirements.

Please contact us today for more information or assistance with your applications.