Solar Motorized Water Well Hand Pump

Solar Motorized Water Well Hand Pump

If you are looking for a solar or renewable energy powered water well pump, you have found the most energy efficient pump available.  To learn more about the basics of this pump read about our hand water well pump

The Simple Pump™ Motor Extension Kit takes the best hand water pump manufactured in the world today and converts the pump to motorized operation using a 1/5 HP 12 volt or 1/4 HP 24 volt DC electric gear motor to pump water from as deep as 200 feet at flow rates of 1.5 to 3 gallons per minute and supply pressures of up to 50 psi.

How does the Simple Pump motor work?  Take a tour of our solar pump house where our motorized Simple Pump has pumped over 80,000 gallons in five years.

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Solar Water Well Pump Kit

We can supply the pump and solar hardware you need to make a complete system.

There are two typical ways to power the pump from solar:

  • A solar panel direct system using a linear current booster to run the pump during peak daylight hours.  No battery required.  You can pump as much water as your solar irradiance allows.

  • A solar charged battery system to operate the pump 24 hours a day whenever water is needed.

The cost of the solar hardware for the solar panel direct system is typically $1,200 to $1,500 depending on variables including solar panel mounting.  The cost of a solar battery system is typically $1,500 to $2,500.  The more gallons of water you need per day the variables include battery size, solar panel size and the amp rating of the charge controller.

Learn more about solar water well pump power options.


Left, a Simple Pump powered solar panel direct using a linear current booster in Hawaii.  Right, a Simple Pump powered by a solar battery system in north Georgia.

Simple Pump installed in an old pit well provides water to the community garden in Clay, New York.

An old mechanical windmill converted to a solar motorized Simple Pump in Oklahoma.

Super Energy Efficiency

There are two ways to pump your water - quickly with high power consumption, or more slowly over a longer time with low power consumption.  Low power consumption is why Simple Pump is an excellent solar submersible well pump alternative. Simple Pump’s Linear Bearing Link Drive and Scotch Yoke 105ME 12-volt DC, 60 rpm, 1/4 and 1/5 HP bolt-on Motor Extension is built to adapt the amount of power it draws --- the gear ratio can be adjusted to work at greater depth, holding power consumption constant.

Flow, Depth Supported, Required Pumping Effort Revised August 2016

No one else offers this low energy solar pump benefit. Typical solar configurations hold power demand constant, requiring you to keep adding solar panels until the power needs of the high volume pump are satisfied, rather than adapting the pump to minimize the output for the solar panels.

Submersible Water Pumps & Solar Power

When people say "water well pump", they almost always mean the usual "submersible well pump", which is what they know and the way most well pumps are done. The reason for our much higher efficiency is that we're not using submersible pump technology.

Even a relatively low-volume submersible pump generates a much higher water volume per minute than a Simple Pump 12-volt DC Motor Extension. But a single household does not require the volumes that they produce. Almost all households, no matter the type of pump, include at least a 50-gallon pressure tank that, in turn, supplies the pressure for the domestic water system. With just this modest buffer, Simple Pump saves customers money in battery and solar panel costs.

Solar Pump Solutions

Simple Pump is the only hand pump that can be configured to pump from solar power.  There is nothing equivalent to the solar-driven, motorized Simple Pump --- whether you go straight to solar now, or want to upgrade your hand-pump in the future. The CNC computer controlled machining of a Simple Pump ensures extremely precise, consistent fit between pump head and motor. You can (literally in minutes) upgrade a hand pump to the motor, and be assured of an EXACT fit, even many years into the future.

This is one of the main reasons we so strongly favor this outstanding product.  You can get started with a hand pump and end up with an energy efficient and economical solar pump to operate motorized solar powered water pump.

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More Good Things About Our Solar Water Well Pump

Simple Pump is so power-efficient, it can be run directly from a single solar panel in most locations unless you need a high volume of water.  If you only need to pump water during the day, the use of a linear current booster will significantly improve the volume of water pumped without using a battery. The pump can operate directly off a 250 watt solar panel in most environments.  Read more about how to pump water with solar power.

Simple Pump™ DC Motor Features

12 Volt Motor

The motor operates on a 12-15 volt DC power source. Solar panels, charge controllers, batteries, linear current boosters, and other solar components can also be used to make an around the clock operable system. The source can also be any portable battery such as an automotive or deep cycle marine battery, an idling tractor or pickup truck.

24 Volt Motor

A higher torque motor operating on 24 volt DC is available for deeper static levels. Operating Depth

Model 125 with 105ME good to a static water level of ~150 feet.

Model 100 with 105ME good to a static level of ~200 feet.

Subtract 25 feet from both if pressurizing a domestic water system to 50 psi or pumping water 50 feet up hill.

Typical Capacities

Flow Capacities and Pressure with Model 100 Pump Cylinder Maximum Total Head Flow Rate (GPM) Pump Stroke Setting 200 feet (86 psi) 1.5 5.8 inches 160 feet (69 psi) 2.0 6.9 inches 126 feet (54 psi) 2.0 6.9 inches 92 feet (40 psi) 2.0 6.9 inches 76 feet (33 psi) 2.0 6.9 inches Flow Capacities and Pressure with Model 125 Pump Cylinder Maximum Total Head Flow Rate (GPM) Pump Stroke Setting 150 feet (65 psi) 2.1 4.6 inches 123 feet (53 psi) 2.6 5.8 inches 103 feet (45 psi) 3.1 6.9 inches

Weather Protected

The mechanism is fully enclosed in stainless steel for ultimate outdoor protection.  The motor is TENV (totally enclosed not ventilated) and is designed to be exposed to the elements. Electrically Safe

The motor is fuse-protected and has its own on/off rocker switch for safety. Switch and fuse are mounted in the stainless steel cabinet face. Extremely Efficient

The motor’s use of power is frugal, yet it does mighty things. The Motorized Extension Kit produces more than 1,000 gallons of water per day if pumping with a solar battery system of the appropriate design. Warranty The gear motor assembly is warranted against defective materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

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