Solar Laptop Charger Solar Portable Computer Power Supply

A backup power supply for laptop computers and other computing devices can be a critical requirement for all kinds of situations when the grid is down or not available.  Sunshine Works can design a system to meet your specific requirements.

Here is an example of a transportable backup power supply that can operate a 70 watt laptop for 5 to 6 hours.  Solar power supply options for other products, including monitors, desktops and workstations, are also available.

The components include:

  • An absorbed glass mat (AGM) valve regulated lead acid battery, maintenance free and transport non-hazardous, 12 volts 108 amps at the 20 hour rate.  Weight 70 pounds.  Packed in a crush proof waterproof Pelican case

  • Four 50 watt 12 volt solar panels packed a Pelican case. The panels are hinged together to make an easy to deploy array measuring about 4 x 4 feet.  Weight 55 pounds.

  • A 20 amp totally weatherproof IP67 rated charge controller.

  • A 12 volt input 115VAC output 150 watt sine inverter.

  • A 3 socket CIGS adapter with USB port for charging 4.5 volt devices like cell phones.

  • Note that the use of 12 volt laptop chargers can eliminate the need for an inverter and improve energy efficiency.

The approximate cost for a system like this one is $1,900 to $2,000 subject to change without notice.

Higher capacity backup power supplies are available, although portability becomes an issue.  For example, a 258 amp AGM battery weighs 165 pounds.  200 watt and larger solar panels measure 3 by 5.5 feet or larger.

MIL-SPEC foldable solar panels are available to provide 4 to 5 times the energy input in the same weight and space as the 4 each 50 watt panels noted above.  The cost increase compared to rigid panels is about 12x.

Commercial foldable solar panels to meet or exceed the capacity of the proposed system are available.  The cost increase compared to rigid panels is about 5x.

The geographic location where systems like this will be used is an important factor in determining available sun hours for recharging which has a direct impact on both battery size and panel watts.  There is no one size fits all in off grid solar.

Non-portable power supplies are also available to meet whatever energy requirements needed to operate computers, peripherals and other electronic devices, emergency lighting, refrigeration, ventilation and other requirements.  Look at our low voltage 24 volt DC power distribution systems for office settings and our 48 volt DC power distribution systems that allow you to use your renewable energy resources first before resorting to generation.

Custom Configured Systems

Whatever your  needs or solar panel and power supply requirements, we can help you configure a system or multiple systems that meet your exact requirements.

Please contact us today for more information or assistance with your applications.