Solar Hybrid Hot Water Heater Using PV Micro-Grid with Propane or Natural Gas Backup


Sunbandit® 100LP and 100NG solar hybrid hot water heaters use solar PV panels with micro-grid inverters to heat water with free electricity from the sun and propane or natural gas for supplemental backup.  An optional internal heat exchanger coil provides options for thermal heating.

Sunbandit® can be adapted to compatible power sources including PV, wind turbines, generators, battery backup, grid and other energy sources.  No thermal panels, antifreeze, pumps, pump controllers or solar water pipes, it installs like any regular water heater.  No net metering or other utility interface is required.  It is an easy to install standalone system.

The Sunbandit® 100 gallon hot water tank has dual magnesium anode rods and a glass-fused-to-steel tank interior with 2 inches of CFC free foam insulation.  A typical installation includes 4 micro-grid elements and a 76,000 BTU gas burner.  Depending on how much hot water you need, up to 4,960 watts of Sun Bandit micro-grid power per tank can be used to maximize ypur FREE energy of the sun.

The system comes complete with a mixing valve, T&P brass drain and temperature gauge.  Gas exhaust can be vented horizontally or vertically.  The tank can be installed with zero clearance and to use outside combustion air if practical.

Download the SunBandit Hybrid Gas Water Heater-Technical Specifications here.

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