Solar Hot Water Circulator Pumps El-Sid & Hartell

Hot water circulator pumps are used in solar hot water systems and radiant heating systems to move water through thermal solar collectors and indoor heat exchangers, radiators and radiant under floor systems.  These pumps are also useful for circulating other low head pressure water circulation.

Hartell MD-10-HEH Circulator

As of June 2015 Hartell has discontinued manufacturing of their circulator pumps.  There are none left in inventory.

Hartell's MD-10-HEH circulator pump has a 30,000 hour life with electronically-commutated high-efficiency brushless motor that operates from a 20 to 22 W solar module or directly from a 12 VDC battery system

Works well for closed-loop solar water heating systems and radiant floor heating.

  • Model MD-10-HEH

  • Operating voltage 6-16 VDC

  • Pipe connections 1/2 inch MNPT

  • 5.25 inches x 9 inches

  • Motor DC brushless

  • Motor base mounting

  • Brass housing

  • 1-year warranty

  • Maximum Temperature 250 F

  • Maximum Pressure 60 PSI


Ivan Labs Inc. El-Sid Brushless Water Circulators

El-Sid's magnetic-drive circulators runs directly from PV modules or 12 VDC batteries for closed-loop circulation in solar water heating systems and individual loops of radiant floor heating systems. Using several small pumps in a radiant floor system allows each loop to be controlled by a different thermostat.  Maximum temperature 250 F at 60 PSI.

  • Model 10PV-12 PV direct

    • 10 to 20 watts 12 volt PV module in an open loop system

    • Maximum flow 3.3 gallons per minute

    • 1/2 gallons per minute at 2.5 feet of head at 17 VDC input

    • 20 W recommended for glycol systems

    • 0.90 amps at maximum 20 volts

  • Model 10B-12 12 volt battery powered

    • Same specifications as 10PV-12

    • Maximum flow 3.3 gallons per minute

    • 0.45 amps at maximum 16 volts

  • 10B-24 24 volt battery powered or PV direct

    • Maximum flow 3.3 gallons per minute

    • 32 volt maximum

    • 0.25 amps at 32 volts

  • 20B-12 12 volt of PV direct

    • Maximum flow 5.0 gallons per minute
    • 16 volt maximum
    • 1.5 amps at maximum 16 volts
  • For all four models

    • Dimensions 4 x 4 x 5 inches

    • 30,000-hour life expectancy

    • 1-year warranty