Solar Equipment Scammers & Fraudsters International Credit Card Fraud 2016

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"The Sunshine Works Hall of Shame"

Unfortunately there are a significant number of folks around the world who would like to have solar but they want to steal it rather than purchase it.

Here is list of credit card fraudsters, scammers and not very bright wannabe thieves who have contacted us.  This is posted as a benefit to the solar industry, our suppliers, allies and competitors.  Make your own Hall of Shame page in your website.  Let's bugger the buggers.

June 27, 2016 A2Z SOLAR ENERGY INC These folks have sent us three fake cashier's checks drawn on US banks in Ohio, Maine and Florida , two for over $10,000 which moves them into Federal criminal territory, two sent by US mail from a mail forwarding service in Washington state, one from a UPS Store in Florida.  This one smelled rotten from the start so we have enjoyed stringing them along.

June 25, 2016 Darryl Smette We don't sell hard drives - new website domain created May 3, 2016 - no website - Devon Energy is oil and gas and domain is Devon Energy Corporation 333 West Sheridan Avenue Oklahoma City, OK 73102-5015 Re: Request for quotation. Attn: Sales Rep. We would appreciate your sales quotation of the listed items below before 28th June 2016 for our acquisition consideration.1.Seagate 2TB Backup Plus Slim Portable External USB 3.0 Hard Drive (Silver] MFR # STDR2000101 Qty-450 units 2.Seagate 2TB Backup Plus Slim Portable External USB 3.0 Hard Drive (Black). MFR # STDR2000100 Qty-550 unit Please note that we are rushing on a project, we would appreciate a prompt response from you before the mentioned deadline We hope that this can be the start of a long lasting business relationship. Thank you. Darryl G. Smette Marketing and Supply Chain Direct Line # (405)466-7442 Fax # (405)463-4868


June 17, 2016 Elders Limited The real Elders is dot com Hello, Please kindly advise if you ship to Australia and accept US credit cards. Thank you.

NOTE:  None of the major credit card companies make it easy to report a likely compromised credit card  This means, fellow merchants, that they don't care if you get screwed.  They still collect their transaction fees and even worse, chargeback fees.

June 16, 2016 NG trading [] Reported in other scam forums Dear sir/Madam, I here by on behalf of our clients was wondering if you could be in position of supplying us with Netbook and computers lap top Monocrystalline solar module polycrystalline solar module and module Solar Inverters and UPS and if so please send us quotation as per products you are having. We are hoping for a good and favorable price cost and insurance. REgards, bob mike

June 13, 2016 Grace Chen   ZIP P O attached - the old forwarder will pick up scam sent to undisclosed recipients Dear, we are interested in purchasing your product we really need to know if you can ship to COOK ISLANDS, We have Attached PO for your Reference. we will process the payment via TT Or Wire Transfer , please let us know if you accept this payment method and let us know if you can ship to COOK ISLANDS.Also let us know if you allow private pick up by freight forwarders? Your's Faithfully Letchworth Anthony CEO & Purchasing Manager LORD CHOOSEN STORES P.O Box 34, Nikaupara AITUTAKI, COOK ISLANDS

June 3, 2016 Ark Safety does not use aol Sales, We are looking to purchase multiple units of the below Solar Electrical Product would like to have a unit pricing on each you can supply or source for: *Morningstar Regulator Charger ts-45 Amp  Looking forward to read back from you with pricing and availability. Thank You, William A.Jr Dba Ark Safety Division 525 North Street Millersburg, PA 17061 PH 505 384-7059 FX 505 384-7060

June 2, 2016 David Young  Fake University of Central Oklahoma domain name Hello Sales, We would like to place an order on the below listed products. * MorningStar TS-60 TriStar 60 Amp 12/24/48 Volt PWM Charge Controller --100 Units Kindly advise with the total cost of the order and availability. Please note : Payment for this order is 30 Days Net Term or Credit Card. Best Regards, David Young I, Director of Purchasing University of Central Oklahoma Purchasing, Payment Services & Travel Department 100 North University Drive Administration Building, Room 109 Campus Box 161 Edmond, OK 73034 Phone: (405) 757-7580

June 1, 2016 Steven William Hello Sales, I would like to place an order in your store Do you ship to Tuvalu? Do you do accept credit card payment Please kindly let me now and I will be glad to proceed with my order.

May 31, 2016 Marc Woo  Sena's domain is This is Marc Woo with Sena Technologies. I would like to check the below items with there part number from your store. Let me know if you have them in stock and state there unit price. Fluke 87-5 Digital Multimeter Morningstar Control Charger 45AMP Lenze Frequency Inverter : Input Voltage - 400/480 VAC Part #: ESV223N04TXB Your quick response would be appreciated. Best Regards Marc Woo Directors SENA Technologies, Inc. 3150 Almaden Expwy., Suite 238 San Jose, CA 95118 Ph#: 408-641-7377 

May 30, 2016 Damen Rob I am interested in your products,I located in Tahiti,what type of credit card you accept for payment can you give me your website for reconfirmed of your product list and also inform you that i have a personal shipping agent that i worked with for years now due to problem when bringing down orders to this location every time.I await your quick response. Thanks Damen Rob

May 27, 2016 HENRY JONES Hello, Please kindly advise if you ship to Australia and accept US credit cards.Thank you. Best Regards, Henry Jones Elders Limited

May 25, 2016 Maxwell Yadira [This is an old but often effective scam.  They pay you with a stolen credit card.  You pay the forwarder with real money.  End of scam.  They don't care about the merchandise.  Or, the fake forwarder comes and gets the merchandise.  Can go either way.]

Hello Ron,  Thanks for the email, Please find below the item i want to order: Models with One Compressor Models with R19 RF4  RF12 R4 R10 F4 F10 RFVB-134A  Quantity: 10 pieces Each Our store information: ELDERS LIMITED  Address: 88 Hume St, Goulburn NSW 2580, Australia.  When you figure out the weight of the items kindly contact the shipper with my account number (#DEC56NFJ93T). Find below information to contact my freight forwarder: The contact person Mr Wesley Mansia Freight Name: Delex Express Cargo (DEC) Email: For more information of the freight company kindly contact them and they will get back to you with the necessary feedback you required.The freight company, has my shipping profile already, (Sydney, Australia). The weight of the package and your company address is what they needed to give a shipping cost to you. kindly get back to me when you have the actual total cost (both order cost and the shipping cost from the shipper), And I shall proceed with providing you my credit card details so that you can complete the arrangement for pick up with the shipper. After which the shipper will come for pick up, Kindly advice back Asap. Maxwell Yadira ---- Sales Manager ELDERS LIMITED 88 Hume St, Goulburn NSW 2580, Australia. +1-610-350-4293

May 23, 2016 Name: david Company Name: abstore Address: 254 cres rd,arlington, texas, 76014 Address: 254 cres rd,arlington, texas, 76014 City: arlington State or Province: texas, ZIP or Postal Code: 76014 Country if not USA: usa Email: Telephone: 7604175181 Sign up for our newsletter: No Your message: Hello, Please advise if you do carry any of the following items available in stock and also let us know the asking prices as well. 1, 245 WATT AND 255 WATT SOLAR PANEL 2, Grundfos Submersible Pump 230V 22SQ15-220 1.5hp 22GPM (Part Number #: 96160158) 3, Grundfos SQFlex 11-2 Submersible pump (part no 95027335) & SQFlex CU 200 control box 4,Lorentz solar pumps - PS 150 5,Lorentz solar pumps - PS 200 6, Lorentz solar pumps - PS 600 Looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Best regards david IP address: [IP address is in Guinea in West Africa]

May 23, 2016 time parking supplies Sales, I will like to seek your company if they can supply quote for any of these items mentioned below or through your office or suppliers for our project. a)10pcs Shurflo Pumps (Model# 9325-043-101) 9300 Series DC Submersible Pump b) 2500pcs 4gb USB flash drive OR 2000pcs travel mugs c) 50pcs 250 Watt Solar Panel OR 130 Watt Solar panel d) 40pcs charge controller morning star or xantrex 30Amps or 45Amps both at 12-48 volts e) 30pcs 12 Volt - 200 Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery Regards Williams time&parking supplies p..4414237805 [and a partridge in a pear tree]

May 19, 2016 James Carter [second message from these folks] Greeting Sale, Kindly advise if you can supply us these items with your best quote price to our project site at California.Also you can advise on the ones you have in stock what are the types of credit card your company accept when purchased. * 260 watt OR 300 watt 24v solar panel 20 units * 12V 100Ah- 250Ah Sealed Lead Acid SLA Battery 25 units. Your quick response is most important to us. Best regards, James Carter  (978) 252 4495 (978) 224 8003

May 19, 2016 Kolan (Xiamen) Building Material Co.,Ltd [Sent blind] Dear Sir, We placed this new Order to your company twice last week and got no response on your side till this very moment, does it mean you didn't receive our email or your company cant supply those items listed in the Attachment, Please Your immediate response is required for the Confirmation of this Order, Kindle confirm the attached, And advice if there are changes to be made Assap. Thanks/Regards. [PDF attached]

May 18, 2016 Purchasing Manager Attached infected ZIP file PO  Dear Sir, Please kindly provide us the prices via attached Purchase Order#88645365353 with your payment terms. also note that this order is urgently needed, so kindly quote us your best price asap. Best Regards, AILEEN Rice Purchasing Manager NEXTLEVEL PURCHASING ASSOCIATION Moon Township, PA 15108, USA Office: +1-412-294-1990 E-mail:

May 18, 2016 Paul Schell Fake UC Santa Cruz domain name Hello Sales, The University of California,Santa Cruz will like to set up an open trading credit account with your company in order to establish a long term business relationship with you and purchase this Item on a regular basis. Kindly provide a quote/your vendors availability on below items. Morningstar TriStar Charge Controller 45A 12/24/48 VDC, TS-45 Morningstar TriStar Charge Controller 60A 12/24/48 VDC, TS-60 Also,let us know your accepted forms of payment. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards. Paul Schell – Asst. Director Procurement & Business Contracts 1156 High Street Santa Cruz, CA 95064 Phone: 831-480-2313 Fax : 831-537-9114

May 17, 2016 David Stewart Good Morning Sales, This is David Stewart from Ocean Side LLC in loctaed [got milk?] at Anaheim CA, We are interested in buying some items in your store, but firstly we want to know if you ship to a sister company of ours at Nadi, Republic of Fiji Islands and if you do accept all majors of credit card. Get back to us soonest on email ( ). Thank You. David Stewart - Chief Executive Officer Owner Ocean Side LLC

May 16, 2016 Pamela P Simpkins Fake Radford domain name   Attn Sales, Quote price with lead-time of the Below. Product Details 1. Model:WS-C2960-48PST-L Cisco 2960 48 port QTY: 10 UNITS Looking forward on the quotes. Note...Payment on Net 30 terms? Yours Truly Pamela P Simpkins Director of purchasing Radford University 801 E Main St,Radford, VA 24142,TEL:540)-218-3213

May 13, 2016 GOSOLAR ELECTRIC Hi sales, We like to request for a quote to purchase outright just only the solar panels to complete an ongoing pending projects. Item Name: PV SOLAR PANEL MODULE (MONO) Wattage:B/W 255W to 280 Watts Qty: 30 Item Name: MAGNUM DC TO AC INVERTER/CHARGER Item Number: MAGNUM MS4024PAE (PAE) Wattage: 4000 Watts (4kva) Qty:  Await your reply for quote. Thanks Paul Miller Phone:757-814-2296

May 12, 2016 Maxwell Yadira Hello, Please kindly advice if you ship to Australia and accept US credit cards. Thank you.

May 11, 2016 Calvin Watson My name is Calvin Watson and i want to know if you carry Reliable 400W Submersible Dirty Clean Water Pump in stock and to be picked up from your location.Like to know if you  accept credit card payment method also  let me know the prices attached to it. so we can proceed with full payment processing prior to order production and pick-up.If you do not have what i am ordering in stock can you please let me know the types you have in stock now and their prices Thank You. Best Regards

May 8, 2016 Willie Brake Attn:Sales Dept, We need a quote proposal on the Wireless Microphone System with the model numbers below: 1) Shure GLXD24/BETA58A Handheld 2) Shure BLXR24-BETA58 Handheld 2) Shure BLX288-PG58 Handheld [1 2 2? ha!] Please advise price and availability before we list the quatities needed. Payment by credit card as soon as we receive the final total cost. Shipping to be determined but expedite delivery is requested for long lead-time I look forward to your response asap. Willie E. Brake All About Technology 1077 Central Parkway South San Antonio, TX 78232 P:210.596.9066 | F: 915.974.3880 [received 6 of t

April 26, 2016 Terry George [sent to self bcc to a list] Hello Seller, How are you today ? I saw your advert for sale and i would like to know if still available for sale and if yes kindly get back to me with your final price and more pictures of solar product [blah blah blah - humor here - Outback scammer wants to purchase Xantrex charge controllers] Regards outbackpowertechnologies 17825 59th Ave. NE, Suite B Arlington, WA 98223

April 25, 2016 Mr Kevin Owens [Wants to buy carports which we don't sell.] Kind Regards, Mr. Kevin Owens. Email: 2836 Birchwood Ave Wilmette IL 60091

April 22, 2016 Gwen Nash [Fake Ohio University domain name] Dear Sales, We want to ask if you can set-up account for us with your establishment, Find our attached corporate profile with credit/Bank references to enhance establishment, Kindly get back to us after your verification with our account details and terms extension. Regards Gwen Nash Ohio University Procure to Pay Services 1 Ohio University 160 West Union Street Athens OH 45701 (740) 302-3698

April 21, 2016 Markus Teddy Good Day, We would like to inquire if you have in stock or you can special order the below Pumps: 1. GRUNDF0S 11 SQF-2 SQ Flex solar pump (Pt # 95027335) 2. Shurflo/Pentair 9325-043-101 9300 Series Submersible 24VDC Pump Lets have the unit cost, lead time and methods of payment your company accept when replying to this request Best Regards, Markus Teddy Water Products Inc Tel: 760 858 3684 Email:

April 20, 2016 My name is Kingsley Anderson and I'll like to place an order for Storage tanks from your company. Below are the specifications of storage tanks am interested in purchasing. [blah blah blah] Mr King

April 15, 2016  [help a scammer working as a mule or get scammed in the process?] Yuen Cheng Engineering & Shipbuilding Company Limited Yuen Cheng Building, 210/F, One Kowloon, 1 Wang Yuen Street, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong. Tel:852-2746-2000 Fax :852-2307-5500 Website E-mail Compliment of the day to you, this is to inform you that our company received your E-mail dated today 15th,April 2016. In line with your mail our company want to appreciate you and your company for your swift respond to our mail. We are searching for Professional/consultants representatives who can help us establish a medium of getting to our customers in the United State of America and Canada. YOUR ROLE We are trying to create a medium whereby our clients that cannot reach us for our products or payment due to some certain factor can contact our consultant representative within North America. REMUNERATION Remuneration will be on percentage basis of 10% of the total products or payment you receive from our clients at any time ADDITIONAL Please you do not have to leave your present job for this one because this job offer will be on a part time basis as it comes once in a while. We sincerely appreciate your willingness in transacting this business project with us. Contact us for more information if interested.Do acknowledge the receipt of this mail. Have a wonderful day ahead. Regards Vikashni Prasad FOR Raymond Xu Cheng Director

April 11, 2016 Yuen Cheng Engineering & Shipbuilding Company Limited [sent to undisclosed recipients] Compliment of the day to you,this is an official request from Yuen Cheng Engineering & Shipbuilding Company Limited based in Hong Kong for Professional/consultants who will stand as our regional representative to run logistics on behalf of our company. Get back to us for more details if you are interested. Regards Vikashni Prasad  [want to be a mule?]

April 10, 2016 Sherry   [sent to undisclosed recipients] Hello, Please kindly advice if you ship to Australia and accept US credit cards. Thank you.  [also using ]

April 3, 2016 [IP address is in San Jose, CA] Name: Felix Wilson, Magnificent Enterprises, 4100 Orange Avenue  [street view shows a burger joint at this address] Long Beach Califonia Telephone: 562 4516471 and (562) 277 1996 Can you supply or give us information on your stock, price and availability on the item stated. 1. Grundfos SQF 11-2 Kindly advice the method of payment your company accepts when purchased from you. Thank you.  [Felix came back and asked for: Kindly give total cost of 4pcs GRUNDF0S 11SQF-2 CPL 1-1/4" including 2nd day shipping cost and tax. Get back to me with the total cost and accounting will forward the credit card details for the payment.]

April 2, 2016 SHERRY  [sent to undisclosed recipients] Hello, Please kindly advice if you ship to Australia and accept US credit cards. Thank you.

March 24, 2016 International Chemical Products, Inc. Hello sales Kindly do get back to me if you can get or source us the below item and our mode of payment will be Net30 and if that is ok by you kindly do get back to me with the price, so that we can proceed with the order. Morning Star Solar charger controller TS-45 I await your soonest response. Thanks Ranjit Sen International Chemical Products, Inc. 1209 Meadow Park Drive SE Huntsville, AL - 35803 (256) 684 8820 [IP address is in Lagos, Nigeria. Address is a house in Huntsville, could be the mule for stolen merchandise.]

March 21, 2016 [This is a good one read from the bottom up.] Maxbrooke EC LLC [note the mismatch company name vs email address - close but no cigar - fake drivers license and credit card sent - supposed to be a scan - it is a very good fake which is a live image, not a scan - so fellow merchants, you cannot count on a reliable ID copy via FAX or email - the credit card image had an internal link to the fellow who generated the image aka Rasheed_jpg.1  There is now software available to create images of credit cards and other IDs] [Ron says] Michael called and left his phone number 847-978-6735.  I sent Mark an email "send us a check".  Don't expect this will happen? [Mark says] Hi Ron,  Michael you call, he is the accounting manager. herewith is the details Thanks Looking forward to hear from you soonest. Mark [sent quote and payment terms] [Mark says] Thanks Ron,  Please kindly send me a Quote for 60 Pieces with shipping address (Commercial) to  Eric Jackson 2550 Peters Creek Parkway, #213 Winston Salem, NC 27127 [this address is a big used car lot] Looking forward for the quote Thanks Mark On Mon, Mar 21, 2016 at 2:28 PM, Ron Castle quoted 60 260 watt solar panels. [Original inquiry:] Dear Sales  Please kindly advise if you have HYUNDAI 250W POLY 250 WATT SOLAR PANEL. Please kindly advise the unit prices? Thanks Mark Oldenburg Maxbrooke EC LLC Stevensville Address: 520 Bayside Dr Stevensville, Maryland 21666-2626 Company No: w11878550 Tel: (443) 252-3005 Fax: (443) 252-3008 Email:

March 21, 2016 David Kent Good Day, My name is David Kent and I'm interested in making an order on some Hayward Power-Flo LX Above Ground Pool Pumps 1.5 HP - 115 Volts, What is the cost ? If you do not have this model then kindly advice with the types you have as well as the cost. Hope to hear from you ASAP. Regards, David

March 21, 2016 Engineering Products & Services INC Good day, I would like to be furnished with the detail information and availability of the item below. Solar Panels 24V 140W - 260W What is the major credit cards you accept for payment? Please advise. Thank you Zack 281-652-8767 [IP address is from NY]

March 17, 2016 Dale Gordon [a laundry list of steel plates cut to specific sizes] from Dale Gordon 4874 San Felipe,Suite 2400 Houston,Texas 77057 1 323 929 8224

March 16, 2016 Step Electronics Inc [a laundry list of solar hardware] from EMMY JACKSON 9202345785

March 15, 2016 Craig Ferguson To Whom it may concern, I am Craig Ferguson and would like to make an order of (Water Pump).. Send me the types of Water Pump with price ranges or email me with a link to your Water Pump.Also advise if you accept credit card payment. Best Regards. Craig Ferguson

March 14, 2016 Dave Williams Hello Sir / Madam, This is Mr Dave Williams, regards to your company to order some ''Pressure washers', I would like to know the estimated price of each and the type of payment you do accept then we can proceed on from there. Awaiting for your soonest email.Thank You. Kind Regards, Mr Dave Williams, Phone number:(513) 783 5369, Bureau Trading Ltd. 260 Northland Blvd # 200, Cincinnati, OH 45246, U.S.A .

March 13, 2016 Dale Powell To whom it may concern... My name is Dale Powell and would like to know if you carry Scissor Tables , Model No..EHLT-4872-3-43 available for sale and what is the price of it because i would like to purchase it,so please email me whenever you can with the cost .Do you accept the major credit cards as a form of payment.Is there a surcharge fee for the use of credit cards.I await your response..

March 13, 2016 Bill Morgan Dear Customer Am sending you this email in regards to make inquiry for Hand Pump.From your company.I will be very glad if you get back to me with the available sizes/models or a link.And also I want to know if you do accept credit card for this purchase and Let me know if you accept pickup at your location.. Hope to hear from you.Awaiting for your prompt reply. Best Regards Bill Morgan

March 10, 2016 Good Afternoon, Kindly confirm to us if you can get us the item below: 1..Solar Panel between 250Watt to 320watt Please advice us with the unit Price and the lead time for delivery if you have any in stock. We hope you can share more information with us and start our initial cooperation soon. Your earliest reply will be more appreciated. Regards Jean 430 808 2929

March 10, 2016 on behalf of; jim moore sent bcc to My name is John Gardoni I need you to assist me with answer to the below Inquiry : 1. Availability of Well Pump 2. Models and Design is Stock ready for Sales or Upcoming Models 3. Types of Payment that is accepted for this Transaction 4. Do you allow Freight Pick up from Location of Purchase or Warehouse Thanks and Best Regards. John Gardoni

March 7, 2016 Christina Gutherman [infected htm file attached to email from Russia with love] Dear Supplier. We received the below attached order from our customer and we will like to place an order immediately. Please quote your best prices of the attached order. Waiting for your prompt reply Thank you, Christina Gutherman

March 4, 2016 How are you doing Sales, Please Unit price and Availability in stock is needed for this listed Product below. 1.Siemens - 6EP1337-3BA00 Sitop PSU100M - DC Power Supply, 24VDC, 40A, 50/60Hz 2.Yaskawa V1000 CIMR-VU4A0038FAA 18.5kW 400V 3ph - AC Inverter Drive 3.Morningstar TS-60 Tristar 60 amp 12/24/48 volt PWM charge controller Kindly feed me back with my request information .And also confirm if All major credit cards were accepted for the payment. Master, Visa or Amex, I waiting for your response soon with the Quote... Best Regards Chris Dyer Buxton Interest, Inc. 9346 Telge Road Houston, TX 77095 Ph: 281-407-0917 Fax:281-407-0971

March 2, 2016 Sales Purchasing also using Hi, we are interested in ordering solar panel from your company, kindly send me the types and watt you have in stock. Kind Regards

February 29, 2016 Jon Mineau Hi, My name is Jon R. Mineau and am contacting from GIGA Inc. I want to know if you do have the Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner ACDC12B. Let me know the price of each plus sales tax also i want to pay by my credit card, i will accept the 3.5% credit card fees. Please advise ASAP so i can complete this purchase today. Thank you very much and waiting to hear form you soon. Regards, CEO/Purchasing Manager Jon R. Mineau GIGA Inc. Tel: (301) 328-3049 E-mail:

February 24, 2016 Brooke Reyloys Attn Sales. I would like to know if you can supply us with Oem Hp toner Cartridge numbers: ITEM 1 HEWCE271A TONER F/CP5525,CN Cartridge 2 HEWCE272A TONER F/CP5525,YL Cartridge 3 HEWCE273A TONER F/CP5525,MG Cartridge Kindly provide your quote with availability, Please note :Only Oem Hp toners and not compatible or aftermarket we want. PAYMENT TERMS:CREDIT CARD Regards: Brooke Reyloys Visual Impact Techniques Inc 2710 W Burbank Blvd. Burbank, CA 91505 Tel:818) 351-7119

February 24, 2016 Bill Newman Greetings,Hope you will be in the office, I want to know whether you sell Whole House Fans. Email me the available sizes/models you have, or a link to look through. Also want to know the types of payment you accept.Hope to hear back from you soon. Best Regards, Bill Newman

February 24, 2016 MIDWEST ENERGY INC Dear Sales, Good day to you we will like to know if you stock these items below,Or can get them, kindly advice the units price and get back to us with a quote. Solar Charge Controller 12V 30ams to 24V 60amps Solar Panel 12V 80Watt to 24V 250Watt. 10000fit of Power Cord cable - Type SJOOW, 12/4 Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks. Bob Midwest Energy Inc Cell-405-293-3686

February 23, 2016 [IP address is in Kansas] Name: AJ Rutledge City: Houston State or Province: Texas ZIP or Postal Code: 77043 Country if not USA: Email: Telephone: Sign up for our newsletter: No Your message: Hi Sales. Greetings, We would like you to set us up on Net30 Terms in your company, kindly let us know what your requirements are to have us set up which would make us to be able to order the below items on Net30 Basics. =====Item#=and==Description=================== 1. MorningStar 45AMP Control Charger 2. Teleflex SeaStar Steering Kit HK6400A 3. Ubiquiti NanoStation M5 Manufacturer: Ubiquiti MFG Part #: NSM5 Looking forward to reading from you soon. Sincerely AJ Rutledge Purchasing Manager 1181 Brittmoore Road, Houston , TX 77043 Fax: # 737-666-9546

February 18, 2016 University of Utah [fake university domain name edu not org] Hello sales I would like to know if you can supply or source us item listed below if yes kindly get back me with credit application form so that we can proceed, if thats ok by you kindly get back to me with the cost of the listed item. WD 2TB My Passport Ultra USB 3.0 Secure Portable Hard Drive WD 1TB My Passport Ultra USB 3.0 Secure Portable Hard Drive I await your soonest response. Thanks Scott Patten University of Utah 201 S Presidents Circle, Rm 145 Salt Lake City, UT 84112-9003 Phone: 385-313-9748

February 14, 2016 Sales [email subject shipping to New Zealand] Hello, Greetings to you, Do you ship your Products to Philippines? Do you accept Credit Card? Please kindly reply back to the below email.  Sales Manager Thank you, Athos Hellas 

February 9, 2016 larry morgan Dear Sales We value your effort and opportunity to earn business. Crown Tool & Supply is reaching your company for some purchase of Pumps for our prospective clients. We are open and willing to receive an email back with catalog or list containing all aspect of Pumps you offer in order to give our client's a chance to review at their convenient.

Best Regards, Keith Urban Crown Tool & Supply 9701 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90212, USA Ph: 424.204.6508

February 5, 2016 David May Dear Sir / Madam Am Mr. David i got in contact with your company to see if you sell ( REFRIGERATORS ) , if you do i will like you to email me with the picked up price including tax and if you accept Master or Visa credit card as a form of payment, but if you don't have this type kindly email me with the types that you have or the one nearer to the one am requesting or you can direct me to you website so i can see what you have for sale. Best Regards Mr David May

February 4, 2016 James Sheridan Hello Dear Sir/ Madam, I want to make an inquiry in regards to VOLT WATER WELL PUMPS. Could you please advise the types of VOLT WATER WELL PUMPS you have in stock and available for pick up? What are the prices including tax? These are going to be picked up from your store location when they're ready for pick up. Does that affect the pricing? Please advise. Thanks James

February 2, 2016 Wayne Rogers bcc to Dear Customer This is Wayne Rogers , I am sending this inquiry to your company in regards to Order ( Solar Freezer ) and i will be more happy if you can email me with the size and prices that you have for sale as well..Please Kindly let me know if you do accept CREDIT CARD as for of payment,and that will be PICKED UP at your location.Hope to read back from you soon. With Kind Regards Wayne Rogers


January 27, 2016 [an offer to be a mule for stolen credit card transactions IP address is from South Korea] Hello friend, Thanks for giving me your email and the opportunity to provide further details on your job description. I am looking for qualified individual who can work from home as Personal Assistant. JOB DESCRIPTION: You will receive credit cards facilitated by me which you will use to get cash from the ATM and make purchases withdrawals for everyday limit and EARN 20% from the total proceed each day and send my balance of 80% through Money Gram or Western via my instruction. PAYMENT TERMS: You will receive a commission of $500-1000 daily . Note: you are not investing any funds, only your TIME.. Kindly, provide the below information so we can start ASAP. Full Name Address City, State, zip code cell Number Yahoo Chat ID Skype ID

Best Regards, Lajos Code N.B. If you're an experienced dispatcher, there will be an increase in your commission/percentage.

January 26, 2016 John Schleicher [infected PDF attached to email] Good Morning , Am so sorry for the long mail no reply, please forgive my absence if all details we agreed on the last time are same please find attached my order of purchase and kindly let me know the FOB prices and also issue me a proforma invoice as we need this order urgently.. Look forward receiving your invoice, Waiting for your prompt reply. Best regards, John Schleicher President Ultraflex Systems, Inc. 973-978-5858

January 25, 2016 Global Reserve loan Hello Can you supply your Product to Us , Kindly send us your FOB and MOQ so that we can place our order Best Regards, Mr.Jon,Sales Manager TEL: 45.7022.4245. FAX: 45.7022.4246 Berlind Trading company Denmark  [don't say what they want, duh]

January 22, 2016 Elders Limited Hi there, How are you today? I would like to purchase items from your company.Do you ship to Australia and accept USA credit cards as a form of payment? Your prompt response is esteemed. Thanks Best Regards , Albert Fryra ELDERS LIMITED.

January 18, 2016 Name: Jeffery Cole Company Name: AACOLE-SONS INC Address: 3244.W. Mason St. Address: City: Green Bay State or Province: Wisconsin ZIP or Postal Code: 54303 Country if not USA: United States Email: Telephone: 6087214109 Sign up for our newsletter: No Your message: Good Day, This is Jeffery Cole,I want to order Hand Pump ,that you have in your shop.I want you to get back to me with the price including taxes and I want to know do you accept Credit cards as your payment.Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for your Cooperation. Jeffery.  [IP address is in Accra Ghana west Africa ]

January 15, 2016 Arthur Benson Good Day. I need you to assist me with answer to the below Inquiry : 1. Availability of ( frost ceiling tile ) 2. Models and Design is Stock ready for Sales or Upcoming Models 3. Types of Payment that is accepted for this Transaction 4. Do you allow Freight Pick up from Location of Purchase or Warehouse Thanks and Best Regards. Benson Arthur

January 15, 2016 Darrell Williams Dear Sir/Ma Please advise if you do carry this following items available in stock charge controller 60 amp 12vot Looking forward to hearing from you soonest Best Regards williams [I bet this jerk has nice handwriting?]

January 13, 2016 Justin Pritchard [email reply to scam phone call] Hi Castle, I am the one calling for you to understand am not a scam,we need this item ,let me know if you can supply us  Thank you. Justin Pritchard

January 13, 2016 Eric Morgan Greetings,Well I would like to know whether you sell Hand Pump.Let me know the available sizes/models or a link to that. Also I would like to know the types of payment accepted.Hope to hear back from you soon. Best Regards, Eric Morgan

January 5, 2016 on behalf of; darrell pickering Well i would like to know whether you sell Hand Pumps.Let me know the available sizes/models or a link to that.Do you accept Credit card as the mode of payment? Best Regards, Darrell Pickering [also using  on behalf of; darrell pickering and bcc to and }

January 2, 2016 Bill Wagner Greetings,Hope you are in the office, I want to know whether you sell ceiling vent fan. Simply let me know the available sizes/models you have, or easily email me a link to look through. Also want to know the types of payment you accept.Hope to hear back from you soon. Best Regards, Bill Wagner [also using these emails Bill Wagner Bill Wagner ]