Solar Cell Phone Charging Station Kiosk Tablet Computers, Laptops & USB Devices

Solar Cell Phone Charging Station Kiosk Tablet Computers, Laptops & USB Devices

The 30W 12V solar cell phone mobile charging station is best for charging a number of cell & mobile devices, laptop and tablet. It is also useful to charge 5V electronic devices like iPods and MP3 players all at the same time. 

The charging station includes one 12V female CIGS ports, four 12V 2.1mm barrel plug ports with 5.5V DC adaptors and four 5V USB port. For every common cell phone connection accessory plugs are available.

The solar power source is a Solar Land 30 watt 12 volt solar panel that charges via a built in pulse width modulation charge controller an 18 amp-hour 12 volt AGM (absorbent glass mat) lead acid sealed maintenance free battery. It is plug and play. The solar panel is prewired for easy connection. It is also consist of switch enabled corded LED lamp which will provide a lighted environment for charging at night.

Charging Station Components SDP-Y/30W

  • 1 x 30W 12V Multi-Crystalline Solar Panel with 5m Cable and Connector.

  • 1 x Integrated Power Bank consists:

    • 10A 12V Controller

    • 18Ah 12V Sealed Maintenance Free Battery

    • LCD Display showing battery charge and solar panel status

  • 5 x 12 VDC Outputs

  • 4 x USB Outputs

  • 1 x 3W 12V LED Lamp Assembly with 5m Cable and in-line On-Off switch.

  • 5 x 12 5.5VDC Adapters for Cell Phone charging

  • 5 x Connection Kits with 6 Popular Cell Phone Connectors

Charging Control Panel Details

  1. LCD Display showing system status

  2. Solar Panel Input

  3. 12 VDC Cigarette Lighter Socket

  4. 4 x 12 VDC Outputs used with provided 5.5 VDC Adapters for Cell Phone Charging

  5. 4 x 5 VDC USB Port

  6. On-Off Rocker Switch


Emergency Backup or Pay-To-Charge

If you are looking for limited battery back up at resident or office, then you should prefer the solar mobile charging station. It is also very effective for cell and mobile phone charging in locations where grid power is not reliably available or unreliable. In Africa, phone charging vendors usually operates on cheap generators which results in partial combustion of expensive petrol or diesel. Below $300, solar mobile charging station is the best profitable solution which uses free energy for performing the same job.

Do you know there are about 6 billion cell phone users worldwide and about half of these users are in countries with unreliable or limited grid power.Usage of cheap generators with unpredictable lifetime by cell phone charging vendors is quite often.

Clubs, organizations and those who want highly useful mobile source of power can use the solar charging stations at outdoor events.

Download a solar mobile charging station brochure in PDF.

Download the Solar Cell Phone Multi Charging Station Instructions Model SDP-Y-30W

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