Solar Air Conditioner 48 Volt DC Variable Refrigerant Flow 12,000 BTU Heat Pump

The DC48 48 volt DC mini split one ton air conditioner heat pump is designed for off grid solar and telecom backup cooling that operates on negative 48 volt DC.  This approach provides extremely high efficiency without the need for inverters and related inversion energy losses.

The DC48 incorporates SeaSpray Anti-Corrosion technology that protects circuit boards, condenser and evaporator coils, compressor and fan motors from salt air corrosion.

Off Grid Applications

DC Air Conditioning technology affords grid down backup without generators and air cooling in remote locations were iAC is previously unavailable or prohibitively expensive.
  • Battery powered air conditioning for off grid homes, cabins and remote buildings that need cooling without power from the grid or fossil fuel powered generators

  • Sustainable emergency and backup air conditioning that does not rely on fuel resupply for generators.

  • Cool temperature controlled storage for medical supplies

  • Electronics, telecom and data processing equipment backup cooling

  • Tent cooling, school classrooms, medical clinics, eco resorts, food storage

  • Ultra high efficiency air coolers with exceptionally low energy consumption.

  • Save money on your grid energy air conditioning system costs.

  • Federal Tax Credit 30% and other efficiency incentives

Design Features

  • High quality construction, excellent reliability and long life.

  • Zero maintenance, brushless, microprocessor controlled DC motor-compressor operates on a wide variety of DC voltages, including direct connection to a PV array without batteries.

  • Variable speed compressor and state of the technology heat exchangers.

  • Battery-Free (PV direct model), developed by NASA and licensed to Hot Spot, uses patented refrigeration technology in its design to optimize the refrigeration cycle and achieve ultra low energy consumption.

  • Soft starting and variable speed operation are the keys allowing Hot Spot Air Cooling to be cost effectively powered from solar, wind, fuel cells or batteries.

  • Fully instrumented with high and low pressure sensors and LCD user interface for diagnostics and repair.

Off Grid Applications

Hotspot's Air Cooling technology affords air cooling in remote locations were it was previously unavailable or prohibitively expensive.
  • Off Grid air conditioning for remote homes and cabins

  • Cool temperature controlled storage

  • Medical supply cool storage

  • Electronics backup cooling

  • Tent cooling, school classrooms, medical clinics, eco resorts, food storage

Performance Specifications

Technical Specifications

  • PV Input Voltage 600-120 VDC (300Vmpp) or 450-60 VDC (150Vmpp)

  • Battery Power 45-59 VDC

  • AC-DC Power Supply 120-375 VDC

  • Power (minimum) 250 watts (1.1 ton unit)

  • Power (max) 2500 watt (1.7 ton unit)

  • Current (max) 50 amp (48V battery mode)

  • Minimum evaporator temperature -

  • Electrical protection IP54

  • Ambient temperature range -25ºF to 150ºF

  • Maximum cooled air flow rate 1,000 CFM

  • Minimum evaporator temperature -14ºF

  • Dimensions 39.4W x 29.5H x 21.5D inches

  • Weight 175 pounds

Equipment Features & Options

  • 300 VDC or 150 VDC direct operation from PV array, battery free

  • 48 VDC battery operated option

  • 120-240 VAC 50-60 Hz adapter available

  • Minimize generator use with hybrid AC PV Direct simultaneous operation

  • Environmentally friendly CFC-free refrigerant (R-134a)

  • Rugged aluminum chassis for salt spray environment available in custom colors.

  • Easy to clean air filter

  • Dehumidification mode

  • Fresh air introduction port

  • 12V, 1 amp and optional 26V 10 amp outlet for auxiliary battery charging

  • Reverse polarity protection

  • Lightning arrestor protection

  • Compressor sump heater

  • Very quiet operation

  • 150 ºF ambient operation

  • Four person carry with handles for transportable units

  • Circular duct interface for military shelter available

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