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Simple Pump Solar Kit Off Grid Factory Option

In December 2013 Simple Pump introduced a factory supplied option for powering the pump with an off grid solar battery system.

The control enclosure, motor and integrated components:

  • The Linear Bearing Link Drive with the 24 Volt DC high torque gear motor in a 20 gauge stainless steel rainproof lockable enclosure.

  • The enclosure has a stainless steel backboard where these components are mounted: a Morningstar ProStar pulse width modulation charge controller, a Cole Hersee 24 volt heavy duty solenoid to protect the charge controller from voltage fluctuations, a Diehl 24 volt 8 events per day 7 day programmable timer, a fuse and fuse holder and a external heavy duty on off switch for starting and stopping the pump motor.

The balance of the system components:

  • A 245 watt 24 volt 60 cell poly silicon solar panel with a 12 year workmanship warranty and an 80% after 25 year performance warranty.  A two panel option is available.

  • A General Specialties top of pole solar panel mount for 1 or optionally 2 panels.

  • A galvanized steel pole for the panel mount, 3 inch diameter for one panel, 4 inch diameter for two panels.

  • Solar panel cables 10 foot USE-2 AWG 10 with MC4 connectors.  Longer cables are available as an option.

  • A battery box for mounting on the pole beneath the solar panel (self shading) with room for 2 each GR-27 (battery case size) or GR-31 100 amp hour 12 volt batteries, with mounting back board and U bolt hardware.  The battery box is white epoxy coated.

  • Complete instructions for a do-it-yourself installation

Additional components to be purchased locally:

  • Batteries, 2 each 100 amp hour 12 volt lead acid, dimensions not to exceed 13 x 7 x 10 inches.  AGM batteries are recommended.  AGM is absorbed glass mat.  These batteries are sealed, maintenance free and transport non hazardous.

  • Bagged or premixed concrete for the foundation to support the pole mount for the solar panels.

Simple Pump performance using this system:

  • 225 feet total head pressure (97 psi), 45 gallons per hour using the smaller 100CA pump cylinder

  • 175 feet of total head pressure (75 psi) at 75 gallons per hour using the larger 125CA pump cylinder

  • Your pumping capacity per day depends on your geographic location and sun hours (solar insolation) over the course of the year.

System prices not including the pump:

  • The integrated linear bearing link drive LBLD24-1S, enclosure and components is $1,900 plus shipping.

  • The single 24 volt solar panel with mount, pole and battery box is $1,300 plus shipping.

  • The two 24 volt solar panel with mount, pole and battery box is $1,900 plus shipping

  • The solar panel cables 4 each 10 foot is $120.  Other lengths are available and priced according to length.

Need batteries for this system?

We can provide top quality made in the USA Sun Xtender AGM batteries dropped shipped to you from the East Coast or factory warehouse in California via UPS or FedEx.  Two batteries typically ship for less than $50.  We also recommend the use of our Battery Life Saver which will improve the life of your battery investment.

We also recommend the installation of a lightning arrestor for all solar pumping systems.

Learn more about how lightning protection works.

Booster Pumps and Storage Tanks

Simple Pump can be used to pump to pressure but the water flow rate may not satisfy your requirements.  Or, your static water level in your well may be too deep to allow pumping to pressure. 

One of the ways to over come these issues is to pump water with your Simple Pump to a non-pressurized storage tank and use a booster pump to pump water to pressure.  This is the way our Simple Pump works.  See the photos of our pump house at Neal Creek Farm where our Simple Pump is the well pump for our house and guest cottage.

We can provide storage tanks.  We can also supply Dankoff Flowlight booster pumps (the best), SHURflo booster pumps or Aquatec booster pumps.

Solar for other Simple Pumps:

If you have a Simple Pump with the traditional Scotch Yoke drive or the newer linear bearing link drive, or if you need more water than what the Simple Pump factory system can provide, we design and sell complete solar packages for solar water pumping systems.

We can also provide solar panel direct pumping without batteries which is a much more cost effective system if it meets your needs pumping during daylight hours only.

We are ready to help:

We are one of the top Simple Pump value added resellers.  Please contact us today for more information and assistance.

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