Simple Pump Linear Bearing Link Drive LBLD-12 Volt & LBLD-24 Volt DC

Simple Pump has developed a revolutionary new motorized drive which converts the Simple Pump hand pump into a solar motorized sucker rod pump.  This new pump drive uses the rotary action of the Simple Pump 12 or 24 volt DC gear motor to stroke the pump rod on a precision ground and polished stainless shaft guided by two linear Teflon bearing carriers.  This is the type of mechanism that is frequently used in industrial applications for precision linear movement of heavy parts in manufacturing and positioning automation.

 The result is what we believe will be a more consistent operation that will be highly durable and trouble free, and more quiet compared to the Scotch yoke drive that has been the traditional Simple Pump drive since 1999. Shown without cover enclosure. Here is the comparison between the traditional Scotch yoke drive and the new linear bearing drive for both 12 and 24 volt DC motors.  LBLD delivers a little less water but can handle higher head pressures.

The LBLD will deliver 2.0 gallons per minute with the 125L cylinder with 150 feet of head using the 12 volt motor and 175 feet of head using the 24 volt motor.

With the 100L cylinder the LBLD will deliver 1.3 gallons per minute with 200 feet of head using the 12 volt motor and 225 feet of head using the 24 volt motor.

Flow, Depth Supported, Required Pumping Effort Revised August 2016

See Our Linear Bearing Link Drive Conversion for Our Pump

We installed the linear bearing link drive on our pump in October 2012. See the pump, pump house and panel direct system.

Add the LBLD To Your Simple Pump Hand Pump

The linear bearing link drive is compatible with any and all Simple Pumps that have ever been manufactured.  It fits in the place of the pivot bracket.  The kit includes a longer main pump rod which is required to accommodate the drive stoke.  Watch the installation video to see how simple the installation is.

Click to play.

Want to Convert Your Simple Pump Scotch Yoke Drive?

Simple Pump will convert your old Scotch yoke drive to the new Linear Bearing Link Drive.  Please contact us with information about your Simple Pump cylinder size and your static water depth so we can determine which drive will work best for you and what the water delivery rate will be.  We will get you a return authorization to ship your pump head back to the factory.  The conversion cost will be $650 plus $35 return shipping.  Allow 10 days for the turnaround.

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Like any other engineered product, making sure the proper components are selected for your location and situation is an important step to success.  We can give you best use recommendations for assuring a safe and sanitary Simple Pump installation.   Secure your water supply in an emergency with Simple Pump.

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