Simple Pump Installation Instructions Hand Pump & Solar Motorized Option

Installing a Simple Pump is well within the capabilities of most Simple Pump purchasers if you are familiar with the use of hand tools.  If your Simple Pump is being installed in a well that already has a submersible pump installed, you also need to be knowledgeable about electric wiring of the submersible pump.  If not, you should hire a licensed electrician to assist you with the wiring alterations needed to install your Simple Pump.


"Ron, the Simple Pump installation was easy and actually a lot of fun to install. We went down 150 feet in depth and we are pumping over 3 gpm with this pump. As a mechanical engineer I was very impressed with the engineering involved in the design of this system. The solar side of the pumping system was also well thought out and very easy to install. Thanks for all you help." Frank W. Rocklin, CA

April 2013 - Watch Jennifer install her Simple Pump in Cannon County, Tennessee. A WIP = woman installed pump!

If you prefer to download the Simple Pump installation information in PDF, click here to jump down this page.  You can also download the videos in MPEG4 to view on your computer.

Simple Pump Hand Pump Installation Video

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Linear Bearing Link Drive Motor Installation Video

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Scotch Yoke Motor Installation Video

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Simple Pump Installation Lift Video

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Simple Pump Installation Downloads

Operating A Simple Pump on Solar Power

There are two ways to operate a Simple Pump using solar energy or other renewable energy sources.

For pumping water during daylight hours only, a Simple Pump can be powered with a solar panel using a linear current booster to make water while the sun shines.  This is the lower cost option and is suitable for pumping up to a tank or pumping water to pressure for daytime needs.  You might not get much pumping done on cloudy days.  If pumping to a tank, pump control can be provided by a pressure switch and float valve.  Or, if the tank is close to the pump, a float switch can be used for pump control.

For reliable water supply 24 hours a day, a Simple Pump solar system will include batteries for energy storage to meet your daily water supply requirements and provide enough days of reserve power to consistently supply your water needs during consecutive days of cloudy weather (also called days of autonomy in solar terminology).

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