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SHURflo 9300 Pump Repair Service


The SHURflo 9300 is a positive displacement diaphragm type pump with very high efficiency that can be operated on 12 or 24 VDC battery bank, or with the use of one of the SHURflo pump controllers directly with a PV array. The pump can lift 1.3 gallons per minute at 230 feet of total dynamic head and can pump nearly 2 gallons per minute from shallow wells.

Maintenance and Warranty

The 9300 carries a 1-year warranty and the manufacturer recommends that the pump be pulled out of the well at least every 2 years to inspect, and if needed, replace the brushes, diaphragm, and valves. Occasionally, the cable plug, which is the connection between the cable and the pump, may also need to be replaced due to corrosion or abrasion.


Common Maintenance & Repair Parts

Prices are subject to change without notice.

94-004-00 End Bell Brush Kit  $31 94-135-00 Lift Plate Kit  $59 94-136-00 Cable Plug Kit  $87 94-137-00 Valve HSG Replacement Kit  $29 94-138-00 Lower Housing Kit  $71 94-139-00 Replacement Motor Kit  $167 94-140-00 Canister Replacement Kit $98 94-141-00 Filter Screen Replacement Kit  $28 94-142-00 O-ring kit  $21 Wire Submersible Pump Cable AWG 10 2 Conductor No Ground $2.53 per foot

Trade in your old 9300 for a new one, get a $50 credit.  No cracked canisters.

Helpful SHURflo 9300 Downloads For pricing and applications assistance to pick the right SHURflo 9300 water pump and controller for your application, please contact us.

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