Portable Water Purification - Filtration and Ozone Roving Blue Alaskan Model

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Flint, Michigan Water Crisis Roving Blue CEO Yana DeMyer Interview February 3, 2016 with Michael J. Thorpe on Flint Supertalk 1570 AM  

Roving Blue is a new water purification system that combines 5 levels of screening and filtration with ozone to purify water from almost any source into safe, clean potable water.

The system is enclosed in a high-impact, ruggedized case measuring 12 x 14 x 6 inches (304 x 355 x 152mm) that meets current airline carry on requirements. The entire system weighs less than 25 pounds (13.4 kilograms).  The case is IP67 rated, dustproof and waterproof including shallow immersion protection.

Roving Blue Technical Specifications
  • System can be easily operated by one person
  • Intake and outflow hose 10 feet (3.04 meters)
  • Intake and outflow hoses virgin grade polyurethane NSF-51 rated food contact safe
  • Maximum vertical intake head 12 feet (3.6 meters)
  • Six Stages of Purification
    • 80 mesh intake hose strainer
    • 50 mesh in line strainer
    • 5 micron sediment filter
    • Activated carbon filter
    • 1 micron activated carbon silver filter
    • Ozone chamber
  • Adjustable water outflow from 0.16 gallons (0.6 liters) to 0.26 gallons (1.0 liters) per minute = 115 to 190 gallons in 12 hours
  • 10 minutes operation = 10+ water bottles, 1 hour = 120 water bottles or 20 minutes = 3 gallons of water
  • 12 volt 7 amp lithium iron phosphate LIPO sealed battery
  • Timer operation from 1 to 60 minutes
  • LED indicators for safe or not safe to dispense water
  • Automatic dry running and low flow protection
  • Self priming 12 volt water pump
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