Portable Solar Powered Lights Phocos Pico Multifunctional High Powered LED Light

Portable Solar Powered Lights Phocos Pico Multifunctional High Powered LED Light

Every now and then a great product idea comes along, and the Pico portable solar powered light is one of them.                                            I loaned my Pico to a good friend for a weekend camping trip.  He says "Pico is the best camping light I have ever seen, better than a flashlight or a lantern.  The diffused light makes everything easy to see and works great for cooking or reading after dark and casting a romantic luminance over the campfire."  OK!                             The Pico LED Light is multifunctional and works for portable, mobile or stationary lighting whether you are camping, working around the house or garage or need a bright but not glaring source of light.

The manufacturer says that the big idea behind Pico is an affordable source of light that has been specially designed to meet the needs of rural households without grid power around the world.

As a Pico owner, user and admirer I think this is a noble cause.  But, Pico is a great source of light for all kinds of situations.  It casts a broad diffused light much better than the narrow beam of a flashlight, more like a shaded table lamp or frosted ceiling light fixture, and directs the light so it doesn't blind you like the light from a lantern.

Pico is an affordable alternative to wiring up a light socket.  With three light levels Pico can work as a reading light, a closet light, an emergency source of lighting, a night light or a flashlight alternative.  Six or eight Picos would be more than enough light to brighten up an off grid cottage or cabin and you don't have to bother with wiring!

Pico features a highly efficient LED bulb and excellent built-in charge controller.  It can easily be installed as a ceiling lamp or is portable to use as a torch aka flashlight. Pico can provide up to 12 hours or more of bright quality light on a single day’s charge. The exceptional exterior design is suitable for any kind of home use and is also IP65 weatherproof to use outdoors in the dirt, dust and rain.

Pico's large battery charge capacity allows sufficient light for up to 55 hours depending upon the level of light selected. The high power LED supplies up to 120 lumens will last for 50,000 hours or more.

A unique Pico feature is the incorporation of a female USB connector in the end of the handle with a second charge controller which can be used for fast mobile phone or MP3 player charging.

Pico uses soft-touch capacitive switches for on, off and light level selection with no moving parts.  The switches are sealed and completely protected against corrosion.  A luminescent ring around the circumference of the light housing makes Pico easy to find in the dark.

Praise for Pico

"Ron, love the lights, so thanks for promoting them. Replaces having to wire a couple of needy locations and one will be my traveling camping light."  Peter C. in Massachusetts

"The Picos we bought sure have come in handy the last two power outages we have had from storms, more than enough light to read by and we can move them around wherever they are needed. Turned upside down and sitting on the end of the handle, they make great indirect lighting. I set mine on the fireplace mantle and it lights up the whole den!"  Rick and Lucy W. in Oklahoma

Pico Recreation comes with rechargeable NiMH batteries and a barrel connector wire lead with soldered ends to connect to a solar panel or 6 to 12 volt battery terminals, a lanyard, a 115 VAC grid charging adapter, male CIGS car adapter, a phone charging connector set and a remote USB on/off switch with 10 feet of cable.

Pico Basic Features

  • Charge from either a small solar panel, 12 V car or solar battery, or AC adaptor

  • High power LED: up to 120 lumens, 50,000 hours lifespan

  • 3 light levels: 55 hours at low, 16.5 hours at medium, 5.5 hours at high

  • USB output to charge mobile phones, MP3 players, etc. with YOUR USB cable

  • Innovative capacitive switches: no moving parts, no corrosion

  • Long durability, weatherproof protection (IP65)

  • 2 year warranty on the lamp’s electronics

  • Battery status indicator LED works both when charging and when in use

  • Fluorescent ring for easy location in the dark

Pico Recreation Additional Accessories

  • USB mobile phone and electronic device charging adaptor for most common brands

  • Grid charger 115 VAC

  • Mail CIGS 12 V car adaptor

  • USB extension wire for remote on/off switching

Pico Technical Specifications

  • Battery 5 V (4 x AA NiMH battery 2,100 mAh, low self-discharge)

  • Light intensity Maximum 120 lumens

  • Lighting levels and duration:

    • Medium: 50 lumens, 16.5 hours

    • Low: 20 lumens, 55 hours

    • High: 120 lumens, 5.5 hours

  • DC charging input Solar module UMPP >7 V, Uoc < 25 V (maximum 1.5 A @ 7 V) or battery 12 V (maximum 800 mA)

  • Barrel connector for panel or DC charging input Ø: 5.5 x 2.5 mm

  • Ambient temperature range –20 to +50 °C or -4 to +122 °F

  • Dimensions 296 tall x Ø 155 mm or 11.7 x 6.1 inches (lens diameter), the handle diameter is 40 mm or 1.58 inches

  • Weight with batteries: 1.4 Pounds or 0.64 Kilograms

  • Type of protection IP 65 weatherproof

  • Fitting Steel hoop with seven notches for positioning (45° steps)

  • USB Charge Data for cell phones, MP3 players and other low voltage devices.

    • Output voltage 4.4 – 5.1 V

    • Nominal output current 750 mA

    • Overload and short-circuit protection is included

    • Connection Plug USB-A female which is in the end of the handle covered by a flexible neoprene flap.

Are You Ready for Your Pico?

The first generation Pico was introduced in August 2010.  The second generation Pico became available mid May 2011.

We have Picos in stock for immediate delivery.

Please contact us to place your order.

I love my Picos.  We have two that we use almost every day out at Neal Creek Farm.