Phocos 12 Volt TVs Solar Powered Televisions Battery Charger Accessories

12 Volt TV 07 Inch TFT Solar Television

The TV 07 by Phocos can be used as a TV receiver and as a monitor for VHS/VCD/DVD players. It features a color TFT display screen with seven-inch screen diagonal. The device is directly operable in a 12-volt solar system. Due to the low rate of energy consumption, it can also be used in very small solar systems. All of the major functions are adjustable via remote control.

  • LED background lighting

  • Very low rate of electric-power consumption

  • High durability

  • Automatic channel search

  • Multilingual menu

  • The picture is vertically or horizontally adjustable

  • Picture format: 16:9 and 4:3

  • Built-in loudspeakers

  • Remote control

  • Headphone jack

  • phocos_datasheet_TV07_e.pdf

  • User_manual_TV_All.pdf

12 Volt TV 15 Inch VGA Solar Television & Computer Monitor

The Phocos TV 15 is a TV/monitor custom-designed for use in grid-independent solar-powered applications. It can be used as a TV receiver and as a monitor for PCs and/or VCD/ DVD players, and is equipped with VGA as well as audio and video input jacks. The TV 15 features a color TFT display screen with a 15-inch screen diagonal. Due to its very low power input, the TV 15 can also be used in relatively small Solar Home Systems (SHS). It withstands the voltage fluctuations typical to Solar Home Systems without fail – this is what sets it apart from the other standard TVs of this type currently available on the market. The efficient LED background lighting has a useful life of 30,000 hours. The TV 15 is a monitor for PC/VCD/DVD devices and is equipped with VGA as well as audio and video input jacks. A line adapter is available as an option.

12 Volt DC Solar Battery Charger Series BCM

BCM is an innovative charger for AA-Size rechargeable NiMeH and NiCd Batteries. It is specially designed for application in PV solar systems. In addition, it can be used together with any 12 V Battery.

The AA-size batteries are charged over a small constant current which is kept on a low level to prevent any overcharging. Additional protection is given by the additional voltage limitation. Because of the special voltage and current limitation, the batteries are well protected against overcharging even if they are kept for longer time in the charger. The gentle charging process guarantees long life for your AA-size battery. BCM allows to charge up to four AA size batteries. Because each battery has got its own voltage limitation, it is possible to mix different types and sizes of rechargeable batteries. It is also possible to charge one, two three or four batteries at a time. A new innovative feature is the use of excess energy management. By using this feature only the excess energy which cannot be taken over by the systems main battery, is used to charge the AA batteries. This way it is possible to increase the performance of the system.

  • AA size battery charger

  • Protection from overcharging, ensure long life span of the battery

  • Efficient use of excess energy of PV system

  • Charge up to 4 AA size batteries

  • LED display ,Charging on” and ,off-Switch”

  • Holder for DIN rail mounting available

  • phocos_datasheet_BCM_e.pdf

  • User_Manual_BCM_all.pdf

DC Voltage Converters Series DCS and DCL

The DCS is a DC/DC converter specially designed for PV systems. It enables a 12 V Battery Voltage to lower voltage DC appliances such as small radios or cassette players. The DCS utilizes innovative overheating protection which adapts the maximum output current to the output voltage in order to enhance product reliability and lifetime.

The DCL extends the functionality of the DCS by adding excess energy management functionality that provides usable energy that would normally be wasted because the battery cannot accept the extra solar energy. With DCL it is possible to charge a second battery with excess energy. This is widely used in mobile-homes and boats which often have a battery for the solar system and a second battery for starting the engine. Another typical application is to power a small fan for air exchange on a boat powered only with excess energy. Only your imagination limits the number of possible applications.

  • DC/DC converters extend users’ applications

  • Maximum output current adopts to output voltage

  • Excess energy management system in DCL, makes the PV system more efficient

  • Overheating protection extends product lifetime

  • Display LEDs for “Power on” and “Current limitation”, “Excess Energy” additional for DCL

  • DIN-rail mounting adapter available

  • phocos_datasheet_DCS-DCL_e.pdf

  • User_Manual_DCL_ALL.pdf

  • User_Manual_DCS_ALL.pdf

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