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MT Solar Top of Pole Solar Panel Mounts for Up to 32 PV Modules

MT Solar's modular design allows the fastest delivery in the industry.  Small or large systems can usually ship from the factory in Montana in two weeks or sooner.  Modular design also is also well suited to custom designs.  Please ask.

MT Solar's pole mounts are designed to be assembled at a comfortable ground level working height and then hoisted to the top of your pole(s).  Splice plates on the end of each main support beam make it easy to expand your system in the future. MT Solar Standard Pole Mount Designs Made in the USA

2 Inch Pipe Series Top of Pole Mount for mounting 1 Module on a Single Pole

  • 2 Inch 1 Panel (technical information not available yet - please ask)

4 Inch Pipe Series Top of Pole Mount for mounting 2-4 Modules on a Single Pole

6 Inch Pipe Series Top of Pole Mount for mounting 6-8 Modules on a Single Pole

8 Inch Pipe Series Top of Pole Mount for mounting 8-16 Modules on a Single Pole

8 Inch Pipe Multi-Pole Mounts

Design Parameters for Top of Pole Mounts

Detailed information is needed to design a top of pole mount.

  • The specific solar panel model number, manufacturer's name and serial numbers if available.

  • The number of solar panels to be mounted.

  • The geographic location of the installation so we can determine snow and wind loads.

  • The exposure category of the installation site:

    • B: Terrain with buildings, forest or surface irregulars covering at least 20 percent of the ground area extending one mile or more from the site.  This is generally an urban site.  It is not expected that you make an exhaustive survey for 1 mile all around the array location to determine the exact proportion of building or forest areas to land area.

    • C:  Flat and generally open terrain extending 1/2 mile or more from the site in any full quadrant.  The exposure has become the commonly accepted with the terrain is not known.

    • D: Represents the area with the most severe conditions.  These have basic wind speeds of 80 mph or greater with flat, unobstructed terrain adjacent to large bodies of water, or in flat plains.  Exposure D extends inland from the shore 1/4 of a mile or 10 times the building height.

  • Soil conditions at the installation site:

    • 1. Crystalline bedrock

    • 2. Sedimentary and foliated rock

    • 3. Sandy gravel and/or gravel

    • 4. Sand, silty or clayey sand, silty gravel and clayey gravel

    • 5. Clay, sandy clay, silty clay, clayey silt, silt and sandy silt

  • Foundation or footer diameter.  The default is 30 inches.  Your can advise a larger or smaller diameter 14 inches or larger if required at your installation site.

  • Maximum tilt angle from horizontal.  MT Solar mounts are infinitely variable from horizontal to vertical.  The ideal panel angle is equal to your latitude.  The best mid-summer angle is your latitude minus 15 degrees (more horizontal).  The best mid-winter angle is your latitude plus 15 degrees (more vertical).

  • Clearance height of the solar panel above the ground at the steepest angle of adjustment.

MT Solar Installation Video

If you have a special requirement please inquire.

Call for prices and discounted prices on multiple mounts.

Please contact us for information, design assistance and prices.  Use our top of pole mount quote form.

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