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Low Voltage Distribution System 24 Volt DC Class 2 Power Server Module

Low Voltage Distribution System 24 Volt DC Class 2 Power Server Module

Use your renewable energy first!

You can have all of the advantages of a safe, low voltage DC power distribution system that allows plug-and-play energy efficient individually controllable lighting and other load circuits with Nextek's Power Server Module and the 24 V PSM-1600-C2.

The Power Server Module converts 208 or 240 V AC power to 24 V DC through 16 individual Class 2 outputs.  A wireless remote control and monitoring system allows easy operation and control.  A patented triangular design of the Power Server Module makes for a clean fit into a suspended ceiling grid for ease of installation and removal of ceiling tiles.

Class 2 circuits are power limited to 100 Volt-Amperes (Watts) and can be installed using Class 2 wiring methods. A Class 2, 24 Volt DC circuit reduces the risk of electrical shock and fire initiation.  The installation is clean, efficient and takes advantage of energy saving low voltage operation of loads such as:

  • Conversion of AC lighting fixtures to DC-powered fluorescent and LED lighting

  • DC powered commercial building applications like heating and cooling controls, security and building access systems, occupancy and daylight sensors and low voltage ceiling and ventilation fans

  • Peak load shaving and smart energy management

This low voltage energy management system has a number of additional advantages:

  • Complete continuity of supply through the seamless integration of available rechargeable batteries

  • Complete continuity of alternative energy sources such as PV, micro turbines and fuel cells

  • Unlike conventional PV installations utilizing DC to AC inverters that must be shut down in the event of a grid power failure (anti-islanding), the Nextek system can stay on and continue to support the DC loads by combining all available DC sources.

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Today's electronic world is heavily driven by direct current and where most of our non-fossil fuel energy sources (such as solar panels and batteries) deliver their power as a DC supply, yet the vast majority of today’s electricity is still generated, transported and delivered as AC. Converting AC to DC and integrating alternative DC sources with the mainstream AC supply are inefficient and expensive activities that add significantly to capital costs and lock us all into archaic and uncompetitive utility pricing structures.

Learn More About Why the Return to DC

Read in PDF about the emerging trend toward efficiency using DC in data centers.

Take advantage of DC efficiency - Nextek’s AC/DC integration technology represents a breakthrough in on-site electrical management, combining the availability of AC power with the quality and efficiency of an easy to install and easy to manage DC supply.

Download the Power Server Module specifications here.

Download the Power Server Module installation guide here.

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