LED Emergency Lighting Kit Solar Rechargeable & Portable

LED Emergency Lighting Kit Solar Rechargeable & Portable

Sunshine Works has integrated two Phocos Pico LED Lights, a Sunlinq 6.5 watt foldable solar panel, a Midland HH-50 Pocket Weather Alert Radio and all of the Pico and Sunlinq cable and charging accessories into a waterproof crushproof 1520 Pelican Case to make a grab and go LED emergency lighting kit that can also be used to charge cell phones and other 4.5 volt DC devices. 

This combination of world class products also makes a great off grid cabin, hunting or fishing camp and transportable camping lighting kit.  The light from the Picos will not blind you like a lantern does.  Picos can be suspended at various angles by stainless steel wire bale on the handle, set on the base for indirect lighting and used as a broad beam diffused light flashlight.

Learn more about all the details of the Pico portable solar powered lights and the ability to charge cell phones and other 4.5 volt devices from the Pico batteries using a USB cable.

2 Pico LED Lights, 1 Sunlinq 6.5 Watt Foldable Solar Panel, 1 Midland Pocket Weather Alert Radio (2 AAA cells not included) and all of the accessories for charging packed in a waterproof crushproof Pelican case.

$450 with free shipping to the Continental USA.  Call for quantity prices.

Options include:

  • A Sunlinq 12 Watt Foldable Solar Panel rather than the 6.5 watt, add $100.

  • A Sunlinq SAE Y-Cable so you can charge two Picos at the same time, add $10.

  • If you select to leave in the Pelican case only the Pico and Sunlinq accessories that are most appropriate to your intended use, there should be room in the case for a Berkey Sport untrafiltration water bottle which will purify drinking water from any fresh water source, add $25.

  • A Sunlinq 7 amp 12 volt charge controller for 12 volt lead acid batteries, add $50.

Learn more about all the details of the Pico portable solar powered lights which are ideal for emergency lighting.

Custom Configured Pico Lighting Systems

Whatever your emergency solar lighting and power requirements, we can help you configure a Pico system or multiple systems that meet your exact requirements: more Picos per case, foldable or hard solar panels, batteries and other gear.

See our other information about solar panels for emergency use, emergency refrigerators, drinking water purification and emergency well pumps.

Be Prepared

"Emergency Preparedness" covers an enormous range of possibilities.  A local power outage may be nothing more than a short inconvenience. At the other end of the spectrum, natural disasters such wildfires, earthquakes, storms, blizzards, tornadoes and hurricanes can disrupt power supplies for prolonged periods.  In the age of increased storm intensities and other uncertainties, working on your preparedness is more important than ever. (See FEMA's introductory page to their Preparedness section and their "Are You Ready?" page.)

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