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EMP RF EMI Shielding Material Sheeting For Your Faraday Box or Room

TruProtect is a patented 95% recyclable aluminum foil and fiberboard sheeting which has some remarkable properties beyond its original development as a 98% plus effective radiant heat barrier.  Michael Faraday would be proud.

Three to five layers of aluminum (0.13mm, .05mm, and .05mm) each separated by two layers of 6mm fiberboard and air spaces leads to TruProtect’s high test results for RF EMI and EMP shielding. When the 4 x 8 foot panels are joined with 5 mil conductive aluminum tape, TruProtect provides a light weight, sturdy solution for radio frequency and electromagnetic shielding.

There are two types of matter that affect electromagnetic waves: conductors and insulators.  When an electromagnetic force hits a material, some of the energy is reflected from the surface while some of the energy may be transmitted into and possibly through the material.  The ability of an insulator to reflect the energy is called the Attenuation Coefficient of the material.  The higher the Attenuation Coefficient the more effective the insulation, with 100 indicating a complete blockage.

RF Shielding 1/2 Inch TruProtect 1 Inch TruProtect Tested on TruProtect using conductive 5 mil Aluminum tape. Testing performed by R. A. Mayes, Inc. Franktown, Colorado. Frequency Attenuation (dB) Attenuation (dB) 200 KHz, Magnetic Field 25 25 200 KHz, Electric Field 80 100 1 MHz, Electric Field 80 100 10 MHz, Electric Field 80 100 80 MHz, Electric Field 100 100 400 MHz, Plane Wave >90 100 700 MHz, Plane Wave 100 100 1 GHz, Plane Wave 100 100 10 GHz, Plane Wave 100 100

An attenuation of 100 = complete blocking.

TruProtect is being used to protect government, military and corporate secure facilities and information from electronic eavesdroppers.  Examples include EMC, RF and wireless test facilities and labs; RF shield test chambers, recording studios, secure conference and meeting rooms; SCIF facilities; anechoic test chambers; computer rooms and data processing centers; RF secure buildings for law enforcement and security agencies.

Many of the folks who contact us have raised the issue of being able to inverters from electromagnetic radiation.

Scientists are predicting that 2012 will be a particularly active year for solar flares from the sun, also called Coronal Mass Ejections.  When gas erupts from the solar corona, the outer atmosphere surrounding the sun, a burst of electromagnetic radiation of sufficient intensity could create a sudden, massive fluctuation in the earth's electromagnetic field similar to the detonation of a High-altitude Electro-Magnetic Pulse (HEMP) nuclear device.  This could both damage electronic and semiconductor devices as well as couple with electrical grid systems to produce damaging current and voltage surges.

TruProtect is also available in wire shielding tube configurations for telecommunications and data transmission.

TruProtect can also be backed with OSB or drywall for increased structural integrity to meet your construction requirements.

Note that the prices shown here can change without notice.  Please contact us for assistance.

TruProtect Product Pricing Product                        Description                   Part #                       Price TruProtect Panels 4' x 8' x 1/4" 40825P $ 40.00 4' x 8' x 1/2" 40805P $ 60.00 4' x 8' x 1" 54001P $115.00 AL Seaming Tape Non-Conductive PSA Coated   .002" x 3.00" x 150LF   1107NCA   $20.00 / roll       TruProtect EMI / RF Shielded Panels 4' x 8' x 1/4" (5,2 mil AL layers) RF40825P $  44.00 4' x 8' x 1/2" (5,2,2 mil AL layers) RF40805P $ 90.00 4' x 8' x 1" (5,2,2,2,5 mil AL layers) RF54001P $145.00 4' x 8' x 1/2" (5,5,5 mil AL layers) RF40850HD $149.00 4' x 8' x 3/4" (5,5,5,5 mil AL layers) RF40875HD $163.00   AL Joint Tape Electrically Conductive PSA Coated .005x 2.00”x180’LF 11002CA 1-1000 rolls $225.00 .005" x 3.00" x 180LF 11003CA 1-1000 $279.00 .005" x 4.00" x 180LF 11004CA 1-1000 $340.00 .005" x 6.00" x 180LF 11006CA 1-1000 $460.00 Ceiling Tiles   EMI Grounding Clips for Ceiling Tiles 4' x 2' x 1/2" 160sf 40842CT $555.00 / Box of 20     2' x 2' x 1/2" 160sf 40822CT $555.00 / Box of 40 Minimum 2 per tile 1001 CTC $1.00 per clip     1” ceiling tiles 2’x2’x1” 40841CT $555.00 20 per box or 80sf       No clips required All tiles must be retaped when cut Sealing tape RF 2” tape $225.00 per 180’ roll

Prices effective August 4, 2015

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