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EMP Bunker Underground Shelter or Above Ground TruProtect "Ready Bunkers"

EMP Bunker Underground Shelter or Above Ground TruProtect "Ready Bunkers"

TruProtect, the manufacturer of the highly effective EMP RF and EMI Shielding Material is now offering Ready Bunkers for EMP protection and radio frequency security shielding.

Ready Bunkers are air and water tight, made out of 3/8 inch welded steel, with wood floors with steel runners and 1/4 inch plate reinforcement. A typical layout includes a welded steel patrician 3 feet inside the exterior entry doors with an installed EMP and RF shielded door.

The container is lined with a layer of modular TruProtect which includes a 3 inch cavity space for insulation and/or sound reducing materials. The patrician at the entry end of the container provides access for electrical, communications and ventilation penetrations which are all EMP and RF shielded.

TruProtect also acts as a 100% thermal barrier which helps with your HVAC performance. Companies like AT&T have chosen TruProtect for their telecommunications huts, fpr example. The TruProtect should cut the HVAC unit running cost considerably while providing 100 percent attenuation against RF and EMP.

When your Ready Bunker is completed and buried, you essentially have a storm proof shelter which is a Faraday cage inside of a Faraday cage, likely the most effective shielding protection available. TruProtect can test and certify the shielding effectiveness prior to shipment, and can test again when the unit is situated on site to confirm the attenuation.

A typical Ready Bunker container will include:

  • A 20 or 40 foot container fitted with our 1/2" HD TruProtect modular walls, ceiling tiles and floor shielding

  • Drywall or other interior sheeting materials installed, paint ready

  • Wood and steel reinforced floors ready for finishing or overlaying the flooring of your  choice

  • Single RF door with key lock and opening to the outside, this will be built into the end

  • Double RF door same as above with center post (removable) as an extra cost option

  • 2 air vents, 2 data ports, 2 electrical inputs.....all shielded

  • Painted exterior to clients color request

  • Other customer requirements that meet your needs and specifications

Reference pricing for standard configurations subject to change without notice:

  • 20 single door $25,599.00 USD

  • 20 double door $33,499.00 USD

  • 40 single door $34,899.00 USD

  • 40 double door $42,588.00 USD

Note that the prices shown here can change without notice.  Please contact us for assistance.

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