Emergency Well Pump Manual or Solar Powered Water Supply When Grid Power Is Down

Emergency Well Pump, Manual or Solar Powered
Water Supply When Grid Power Is Down

If you are dependent on well water, are using 115 VAC or 230 VAC grid power and the power goes off, what do you do about water?  The most common option appears to be a generator, but what do you do if you run out of fuel?

The best emergency well pump option is a Simple Pump lever arm actuated hand well pump which can also be motorized to operate as a solar water well pump.

Simple Pump

Two Pumps in One Well

Simple Pump operates on the proven sucker rod method of pumping water with the lever arm actuating a rod that attaches to the stainless steel pump cylinder at the bottom of multiple sections of drop pipe.  The pipe and pump cylinder are small enough in diameter that they will fit in a 4 inch casing along side your submersible pump, even if you have a pitless adapter.  The Simple Pump cylinder is normally suspended a few feet higher than your submersible pump, or at an adequate depth below your static water level to provide a reasonable volume of water during an emergency situation.

Simple Pump installation requires a new well cap which has water and power ports for your submersible pump plus a port with a split collar to hold the Simple Pump body on top of the well cap.  The Simple Pump port is offset to one side of the cap so that the submersible pipe, power cord and the Simple Pump down pipe can all coexist without interference.

In cold weather situations, the down pipe closest to the top of the well has a small weep hole which allows water to drain down below your frost level for freeze protection. Simple Pump also has an optional pitless adaptor for directing water through the side of the well casing below the frost level in really cold climates.

The pump handle mechanism is easily removed to avoid tampering or vandalism and the pump head can be lowered into the casing when not in use to make a low visibility installation when not in use.

Simple Pump Cap

The Simple Pump well cap is designed to set the Simple Pump off to the side of the casing with more centrally positioned ports for a submersible pump's water pipe and electrical feed.  The Simple Pump will fit in almost all wells with a 4 inch or larger casing, even if you have a pitless adapter.

Flow, Depth Supported, Required Pumping Effort
Revised September 2012
 Simple Pump Flow Chart

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Hand Pump Into Pressure?  Absolutely.

Simple Pump can accommodate combined head and system pressure of about 100 psi for the 5 gallon per minute pump cylinder.  The standard 24 inch handle Simple Pump requires very little force to operate and easily pumps 5 gallons per minute from depths to about 200 feet, delivered at normal household water pressure of about 50 psi.

Tested on a 120-foot deep well with 70 foot static water level, the optional 36 inch handle decreased the required pumping force from 8 pounds to 4. This decreased effort means water can be pumped from greater depths by hand, as deep as 350-400 feet. Pumping from 400 feet, you need just 24 pounds of hand force to operate the lever.

Optional Solar Motorized Head

The Simple Pump Motor Extension Kit converts the hand pump to motorized operation using a 1/5 HP 12 volt DC electric gear motor to pump water from as deep as 200 feet at flow rates of 3 gallons per minute and supply pressures of up to 50 psi.  Changeover from the hand pump to the motorized option takes about 10 minutes.

We are using Simple Pump at www.nealcreekfarm.com as our primary water pump so we don't have any emergency well pump to worry about.

Learn more about ways to power a solar water pump, see some Simple Pump installation photos and how easy it is to do your own Simple Pump installation.

Let's Configure Your Simple Pump

Like any other engineered product, making sure the proper components are selected for your location and situation is an important step to success.  We can give you best use recommendations for assuring a safe and sanitary Simple Pump installation.  Please contact us today.  Secure your water supply in an emergency with Simple Pump.

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