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Deep Well Hand Pump Pump Water By Hand From 300 Feet

Simple Pump is the easiest to use deep well hand pump available today.

Simple Pump is designed to deliver water from static water levels as deep as 300 feet with half the effort or less required for other deep well hand pumps that can only pump water from 200 feet static.

Unlike shallow well hand pumps that rely on priming and suction to lift the water from the well, Simple Pump is a positive displacement "sucker rod pump" with a mechanical connection from the pump hand lever to a cylinder with piston at the bottom of the drop pipe. 

Each stroke of the handle lifts a cylinder full of water to the head of the pump.  A heavy duty stainless steel check valve at the bottom of the cylinder maintains the water level in the drop pipe so that the next time you begin pumping, delivery of the water will start again after a few strokes of the handle.

Simple Pump stainless steel pump head with short hand lever and linkage attached.  A cutaway view of the pump to the right showing the well cap, drop pipe, sucker rod and stainless steel cylinder with piston and check valve at the bottom.


Why Choose Simple Pump

Deep well hand pump functionality depends on factors that affect the weight of the water and pump components that are being lifted to bring water to the surface and the strength, stamina and range of motion limitations of typical human pumpers.

Simple Pump has the best design of any hand pump you can compare.  Compare the size of our 1 inch diameter cylinder - the modest volume and weight of water in the pipe being lifted to the surface is less.  The encapsulated fiberglass sucker rods are light weight but strong.  The aluminum lever arm adds less weight than steel.  The upstroke of the handle is weightless when the water column in the pipe is full.

The combination of intelligent design and precision CNC machined components makes Simple Pump the only hand pump in the world that can pump water with minimal effort from 325 feet (using the stainless steel piston 1 inch cylinder).  There are thousands of Simple Pump deep well hand pumps serving customers since 1999.

Two Pumps in One Well

Simple Pump operates on the proven sucker rod method of pumping water with the lever arm actuating a rod that attaches to the stainless steel pump cylinder at the bottom of multiple sections of drop pipe.  The pipe and pump cylinder are small enough in diameter that they will fit in most cases in a 4 inch or larger casing along side your submersible pump, even if you have a pitless adapter.  The Simple Pump cylinder is normally suspended about 15 feet higher than your submersible pump if possible, or at an adequate depth below your static water level to provide a reasonable depth of water if the water level fluctuates.

In cold weather situations, the drop pipe closest to the top of the well has a small weep hole which allows water to drain down below your frost level for freeze protection.Simple Pump installation requires a new well cap which has water and power ports for your submersible pump plus a port with a split collar to hold the Simple Pump body on top of the well cap.  The Simple Pump port is offset to one side of the cap so that the submersible pipe, power cord and the Simple Pump down pipe can all coexist without interference.  The Simple Pump well cap is designed to set the Simple Pump off to the side of the casing with more centrally positioned ports for a submersible pump 1.25 inch ID water pipe and 1 inch NPT electrical conduit port.  6 inch well cap shown.

The pump handle mechanism is easily removed to avoid tampering or vandalism and the pump head can be lowered to rest on the well cap when not in use to make a low visibility installation when not in use.

Hand Pumping Effort
The hand force pushing down on the lever arm for a static water level of 150 feet is:Simple Pump has two different pump cylinders available, and two different lever arms.  The smaller cylinder can deliver up to 3 gallons per minute pumping 60 strokes per minute. The larger up to 5 gallons.  Note that these water volumes are dependent on the enthusiasm of the pump operator.

Small cylinder and long lever 0.05 pounds x depth in feet to the static water level (150 feet = 7.5 pounds of force)

Small cylinder and short lever 0.10 pounds x depth in feet to the static water level (150 feet = 15.0 pounds)

Large cylinder and long lever 0.06 pounds x depth in feet to the static water level (150 feet = 9.0 pounds of force)

Large cylinder and short lever 0.12 pounds x depth in feet to the static water level (150 feet = 18 pounds of force)

Using the same calculation method, a small cylinder long lever arm pump will require 12.5 pounds of downward hand force pumping from a static level of 250 feet.

Deep Well Hand Pump Price Example

Simple Pumps are configured to the requirements of your well.  See our Simple Pump quote form or call us for more information and assistance.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

WELL SPECIFICATIONS Static water level in feet 150 Depth of well in feet 240 Recovery rate gallons per minute 20 Well casing inside diameter in inches 6.25 PUMP HEAD Price Qty Total PHA pump head assembly with lever link and bracket for lever arm $500 1 $500 LEVER ARM 36LA 36 inch lever arm assembly with handle $85 1 $85 WELL CAP C6-6.25  inch well cap for 6 or 6.25 inch ID x 6.9 inch OD type casing $95 1 $95 DROP PIPE AND SUCKER ROD ASSEMBLIES 109DPBE 9' drop pipe kit with stainless steel couplings, sucker rod and rod guide $45 17 $765 PUMP CYLINDER 100CA Model 100 3 gallon per minute pump cylinder assembly $300 1 $300 ACCESSORIES AND SPARE PARTS SIM073 safety tool (holds pipe on the well cap during assembly) $25 1 $25 SK100 Seal kit replacement seals for Model 100 pump (spare part) $30 1 $30 Tee Handle Tool for installing pumps with 12 or more drop pipe sections $12 1 $12 Total FOB Factory $1,812 Shipping hand pump FedEx Ground $140 Total FOB Factory Freight Prepaid and Added $1,952

Hand Pump To Pressurize Your Bladder Tank

Simple Pump can accommodate a maximum combined head and water system pressure of about 125 psi.  Depending on the static water level in your well, you can use your Simple Pump to pump water to your pressurized bladder tank.  Connect the Simple Pump outlet to the water line going to your pressure tank, or use a potable water hose to connect to a pressurized faucet, and you can fill your bladder tank.

Simple Pump Can Fit in a Two Inch Casing

Simple Pump will fit in a 2 inch or larger casing. Standard well cap sizes are 2, 4, 4.5, 5, 6, 6 over 4, 6.25, 7 and 8 inches and there is a mounting plate is available for adapting the pump to a structural cover over open pit wells, cisterns and tanks.  There are also well caps for installing a Simple Pump in wells with a submersible pump with a pitless adapter.

Operate Your Simple Pump With Solar

We are using a solar Simple Pump at as our primary water pump.The Simple Pump Motor Extension Kits convert the hand pump to motorized operation using a 1/5 HP 12 volt DC electric gear motor or 1/4 HP 24 volt DC motor to pump water from as deep as 200 feet at flow rates of 3 gallons per minute or less and supply pressures of up to 50 psi.

Learn more about ways to power a solar water pump, see some Simple Pump installation photos and how easy it is to do your own Simple Pump installation.

Request a Simple Pump Quote

Please use our Simple Pump quote form or call us for more information and assistance.

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