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Carbon Foam Batteries Maintenance Free Lead Acid AGM

Firefly International Energy’s carbon foam batteries are designed for repeated deep discharge and high power draw applications that go beyond any conventional lead acid battery design.  The AGM absorbed glass mat construction makes them transport non-hazardous and maintenance free.

The Oasis™ Group 31 VRLA valve regulated lead acid battery utilizes patented Microcell™ Foam Technology with a prismatic positive plate design paired with the patented Firefly Microcell™ Technology negative. Firefly’s Oasis battery technology minimizes typical battery damage due to sulfation effects with excellent low temperature performance, and significant cycle life at very high depths-of-discharge. These benefits are significant for solar off grid applications and UPS systems.

The battery is rated 115 Ah @ 20 Hour Rate


Carbon Foam Battery Benefits

  • Instantaneous Power (2 hours and faster run-time rates)

  • Fast recharge capability

  • Continuous power through discharge process

  • Recovery to full capacity after off-season storage

  • Excellent cold temperature capacity utilization

  • High temperature resiliency

  • Recovery to full capacity after discharge

The remarkable attributes of carbon composite foam negative electrode make certain applications possible or more favorable, as well as improving many lead acid “weak points” such as sulfation recovery and active-material use limitations.

At slow discharge rates, modest weight and volume improvements over existing lead-acid products (typically 15-20%) are achievable. For faster discharge rate applications (like high demand solar, heavy equipment vehicles, engine starting or UPS applications), the weight and volume saving can approach 50-75% or more.

Download the Oasis FF12D1-G31 product flyer here.

Download a Firefly technology white paper here.

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