Battery Operated Refrigerators 12V - 24V DC Powered with 115 VAC Control Option

Battery Operated Refrigerators 12V - 24V DC Powered with 115 VAC Control Option

SunDanzer direct current (DC) refrigerators are designed to operate from a battery, either 12 or 24 volts, without any adjustment by the user other than changing a small protective fuse, 15 amps for 12 volt or 7.5 amps for 24 volt. 

The 24 volt refrigerators have a low voltage safety cut-out of 22.8 volts with automatic cut-in (restart) of 24.2 volts.  The 12 volt cut-out is 11.4, cut-in is 11.7.  The low voltage cut-out protects the compressor motor from damage and a  battery from excessive power drain.

SunDanzer also has a 115 VAC power supply option.

SunDanzer battery powered refrigerators and freezers are designed for the smallest possible energy input from a solar energy system, but will also operate on battery power with the batteries being charged by something other than solar power.  The refrigerators can also be operated from 115 or 230 volt alternating current (AC) by using a step down transformer that converts AC to DC of either 12 or 24 volts.

An ideal set up is to use AC to charge one or more batteries providing either 24 volts or 12 volts so that, in the case of an AC power outage, the refrigerator or freezer will continue to operate until the AC power comes back on, or the batteries discharge to the cut-out voltages mentioned above.

Quite Quiet Operation

One of the additional advantages of the super energy efficiency of SunDanzer refrigerators and freezers is their quiet operation.  In order to conserve energy, these units do not have internal or external fans that create the majority of the noise associated with conventional refrigerators.

You may hear faint gurgling or bubbling sounds when the refrigerant is pumped through the refrigerant coils.  When the compressor is on, the refrigerant is being pumped around and you will hear a faint whirring sound or pulsating  noise from the compressor.  A thermostat controls the compressor and you may hear a 'click' when the thermostat cuts in and out.

SunDanzer refrigerators and freezers are designed to provide years of efficient trouble-free operation.  The design is optimized for energy savings with an efficient DC compressor, thick insulation, and a chest style configuration.

SunDanzer Features and Specifications

  • Top loading chest type design that keeps the cold in the compartment and not running out the bottom freezing your toes

  • Stackable basket design for storage organization

  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant CFC free R-134a

  • Patented low frost system

  • Rugged scratch resistant galvanized steel exterior

  • Easy to clean aluminum interior with bottom drain hole

  • Lockable lid with interior light

  • Automatic control adjustable thermostat

  • Zero maintenance brushless thermostatically controlled compressor

  • A change in the thermostat installation makes a refrigerator a freezer or vice versa!

  • Super insulated with 4.3 inches (11 centimeters) of polyurethane insulation

  • One year factory warranty

SunDanzer has three models to choose from, see the specifications and dimensions here in a printer friendly window.

We will be pleased to help you size the batteries to operate the model of your choice according to your standby operation requirementsPlease contact us for sizing assistance.

Need a smaller unit?  Look at the new SunDanzer Model 50L Mini Fridge Mini Freezer.

If you are interested in technical and other information, please download these Adobe Acrobat PDF files.  Links open in a new window.

SunDanzer Options & Accessories

There are a few SunDanzer options and accessories that might help you make the best use of your SunDanzer.  Read more.

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Current list prices (can change without notice) are FOB El Paso, Texas and do not include freight or Tennessee sales tax if you are in Tennessee:

Model DCR165 (small) Refrigerator $1,149.00

Model DCR225 (large) Refrigerator $1,249.00

Model DCF165 (small) Freezer $1,149.00

Model DCF225 (large) Freezer $1,249.00

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Prices:  All prices in U.S. Dollars. Prices subject to change without notice. Freight charges are additional.

Packaging:  Standard packaging includes two-ply cardboard exterior with reinforced styrofoam or honeycomb edge protection on wooden skids. Payment Terms:  Net prior to shipment using any major credit card via PayPal, Google Checkout or cleared check prior to shipment.  Export shipment payments by credit card via PayPal, or wire transfer.

Warranty: SunDanzer provides a limited warranty against defects in workmanship and material for a period of one (1) year from the purchase date.