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Off Grid Solar System Kits Solar Power Backup Systems

Welcome to Sunshine Works, home of off grid solar energy kits, components and systems for home, cabins, agriculture, industry, communications, remote off grid solar powered  camps and solar power backup systems.

We can supply off grid solar power systems for solar refrigerators and freezers, solar well pumps, solar ceiling fans and solar ventilating fans, portable and emergency backup power systems, charge controllers, low voltage LED tube lamps, the best solar AGM batteries that charge faster, lithium solar batteries and much more at very competitive prices because of our low overhead.

24 Volt 60 Cell A Grade Panels $0.60 Per Watt

Solar Refrigeration Experts

We sell the most energy efficient solar refrigerators and freezers in the world,  manufactured in the USA by SunDanzer, ideal for backup freezers, emergency refrigerators, marine refrigerators and freezers and for the most energy efficient off grid use at home, at play or at work.  Read about our 115 VAC control option for SunDanzer.

Solar Powered Water Pumping for Home, Livestock and Irrigation

Pumping water with off grid solar power is cost effective and practical if you choose the right solar water well pump and power supply.  Read about solar water pump power options.  Solar water pumping provides security for your home and family when the grid is down.  For remote locations, solar water pumping often requires a lower initial investment than what it would take to get grid power to the cabin, barn, field or paddock.  Garden irrigation, remote watering of livestock and solar electric fencing are all practical uses of a well designed simple system.  We also have deep well hand pumps.

Solar Hybrid Air Conditioning

Hybrid-Air is a fully certified mini-split solar air conditioning and heating system.  During the day, the solar air conditioner receives DC power directly from solar panels without needing an inverter or controller. The DC solar power directly replaces the equivalent amount of AC power from the grid and can cut daytime energy costs by 80 to 90 percent!

Solar Hybrid Hot Water Heating

Sunbandit® solar hybrid hot water heaters use solar PV panels with micro-grid inverters to heat water with free electricity from the sun and propane or natural gas for supplemental backup.  An optional internal heat exchanger coil provides options for thermal heating.

Emergency Backup Power Lighting, Communications & Refrigeration

Simple solar power systems are ideal as a home emergency power supply including solar powered emergency lights and charged solar batteries that can be transported by all modes of transportation including air.  Based on our experience using small systems of less than 100 watts, we would never be without a backup for storms and power outages.  You can have lights, fans, charge cell phones and other battery operated devices and even have refrigeration with high efficiency solar refrigerators and freezers like SunDanzer.

We have Pico LED Lights in stock.  See a larger photo.

Free Quotations & System Design

We have been living off grid for more than six years and know what it takes to kiss the power company goodbye.  What a sweet kiss!  Our focus is on all kinds of off grid applications and no system is too small.  That's how we started, with 45 watts used as a charge station for phones, iPods and laptop computers.  When we witnessed the miracle of the power of sunshine first hand, we were hooked.  Sunshine works!  We will be pleased to help you learn the off grid ropes.  All you have to do is ask.  Call or contact us today.

We use off grid solar energy at to power our Sunshine Cottage, the barn for 12 volt lights and tool battery charging, fans for ventilation, solar water pumps for pumping irrigation water from Neal Creek, and solar at the hen house for lighting and a small heater that keeps the chickens' water from freezing during the winter.  The applications are practical and cost effective.  We have been living off grid for over six years.  There is no better feeling than being your own power company.

Why Off Grid Is Important for At Least Part of Your Energy Mix

USA Grid Vulnerabilities Read the US Department of Energy's 2013 Energy Sector Vulnerabilities Report Would you rather be dependent or independent?

Read September 24, 2013 Utilities in Several US States Plan Ways to Make [grid tied] Solar Customers Pay More - And you thought they would keep their word?

Read March 30, 2015 Power Companies Want Some Money Back From Your Grid Tied Solar

You Think You Want to Go All the Way?

All the way off grid, that is.  Read the Solar Battery Backup Systems page and download the Successful Off Grid Systems design PDF file.

International Orders

We have been involved in international business all of our business lives and are international business experts.  Read our USA Export Solar Products page.  We are totally committed to helping bring renewable energy products and energy independence to all of our neighbors and friends to be in the developing countries of planet Earth.  No order is too small.  We pay careful attention to provide the best prices, service and delivery available and are interested in helping any way we can.  Please inquire.  We will be sure you are glad that you do, thank you.

Remember, when it comes to learning about off grid solar, stupid is forever, but IGNORANCE can be fixed. See our solar installation training video.

You'll be an expert in no time.

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Our off grid Sunshine Cottage at Neal Creek Farm.

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