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AGM Batteries Solar Deep Draw Maintenance Free The Best Sealed Lead Acid Batteries: Sun Xtender

There are lots of options when it comes to batteries for renewable energy systems, the most common being open cell lead acid, gel cell sealed lead acid and AGM sealed lead acid.


AGM stands for Absorbent Glass Mat, the most advanced development in lead acid battery technology created by Concorde Battery Corporation, one of the world's largest manufacturers of aircraft batteries.

Sun Xtender has been designed specifically for renewable energy applications and out-performs flooded (wet) lead acid, gel and all the other AGM brands - here's why:

  • Sun Xtender's AGM design is the original Absorbent Glass Mat battery technology adopted by the U.S. Military where optimum battery performance and reliability can be a real life or death situation.

  • Sun Xtender uses Valve Regulated Lead Acid construction (VRLA).  VRLA is the designation for low-maintenance lead-acid rechargeable batteries. Because of their construction, VRLA batteries do not require regular addition of water to the cells.

Maintenance Free

  • AGM batteries are maintenance free.  There is no "just add water" requirement with Sun Xtender.

  • Sun Xtender batteries are non-spillable and can be used upright, or positioned on end or side.  This can be a nice advantage when battery space is limited.

  • Deep Cycle - Unique high density plate technology provides superior reliability, power and extended life cycle.

  • Sun Xtender uses pure lead-calcium grids with thicker plates than industry standards to assure longer life and power.

Designed for Rugged Conditions

  • Proprietary PolyGuard™ Microporous Polyethylene Separators are used around the positive plate and AGM to prevent shorting from shock and vibration.  Sun Xtender is the only manufacturer providing this added level of protection.  This may not seem important for a stationary battery bank but is a good indication of the structural integrity of the battery enclosure - an important safety consideration.  The construction of Sun Xtender allows them to be used in environments where other batteries would literally fall to pieces such as in boats, high end yachts, in aviation, the RV industry and for rough and rugged military applications.

  • Shockproof copolymer polypropylene high impact reinforced case restrains from bulging and damage.

Sun Xtenders Charge Faster

    • The low impedance (resistance) design means that Sun Xtenders charge faster.  Sun Xtender AGMs lose as little as 4 percent of the charge current to heat, whereas wet open cells can lose as much as 15 to 20 percent.  This is defined by Peukert's Law which is a mathematical expression of the capacity of a lead-acid battery in terms of the rate at which it can be charged and discharged. Sun Xtender AGM batteries can accept and dispense charge at a higher rate than flooded cells due to Sun Xtender's very low Peukert's exponent.

    • Deep-cycle wet cell lead acid batteries cannot accept or deliver more than 25% of their rated amp-hour capacity in amps quickly without plummeting the available capacity or wasting charging energy though the creation of heat.  Sun Xtenders are not only deep draw but also "quick draw" when needed.

    • Due to their very low internal resistance AGM batteries will fully charge at a lower voltage and can accept a much larger charge current. When you use a sophisticated charge controller like Phocos which uses State of Charge and three stage Pulse Width Modulation or Maximum Power Point Tracking, you will be surprised by how fast these batteries will charge.

  • The higher charge efficiency of AGMs can contribute to significant savings when it comes to the use of expensive renewable energy sources as your charging system can be up to 15% smaller or charge faster.  This is a GIANT advantage in areas with fewer sun hours per day and frequent cloudiness, especially in the winter months.  Faster charge rates also mean that if you have diverted loads, more useful energy can power those loads sooner and longer, like heating water, for example.

Easy Installation & No Battery Box Required

  • Battery terminals (posts) are made from copper alloy and are corrosion free as well as allowing for maximum conductivity.

  • No battery box or enclosure is required.  DO NOT install Sun Xtender batteries in a sealed compartment or container.

  • Sun Xtender batteries are fully charged at the factory.  Wet cell lead acid batteries typically lose up to 1% of their charge per day due to self-discharge, while VRLAs only lose 1-3% per month.

  • Best of all, and especially important for our international customers around the world, Sun Xtender products are transport Hazmat exempt.  They can be shipped by land, sea or air complete with electrolyte, ready to go to work as soon as they arrive.

  • Sun Xtender products are a UL Registered component, totally recyclable and  environmentally friendly.

  • Warranty is 1 year free replacement.

  • Sun Xtenders are manufactured in the USA.

Charge Into The 21st Century (pun intended)

When you compare all of these features and benefits, it is obvious that Sun Xtenders are the most advanced renewable energy lead acid batteries in the world.  Prices are very competitive, and even if a little higher than open cell wet lead acid batteries which are today not unlike the first practical lead acid battery invented in 1859 by French inventor Gaston Plante, their performance more than offsets the cost.

Bring your renewable energy system fully into the 21st Century with Sun Xtender.  This is the only battery line that we sell and for all the best reasons.

If you will contact us and tell us what you want to do, we will help you choose EXACTLY the right Sun Xtender for your renewable energy application.  You will be glad you did, and we will be happy to help.  Without customers, we have no business.  With happy customers who come back for more and who tell their friends about us, we have the best business in the world.  And, you will have the best AGM batteries in the world: Sun Xtender.


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