About Sunshine Works

We opened the doors at Sunshine Works on July 1, 2007 with the idea of specializing in off grid solar systems and special applications for solar refrigeration, solar water pumping, ventilation for living spaces, greenhouses and agricultural applications, solar lighting and solar powered energy backup systems.

Off grid solar is our passion.  Helping folks who want to do things off grid is our greatest reward.  Our goal is to help customers make the best decisions regarding their solar investments.  We sell only a few things online.  We want to communicate with prospective customers.  We think business is about more than just selling products.  We enjoy being educators and collaborators.  We want friends as well as customers.

We are a family owned business, mom, pop and adult daughter.  Since 2007 we have become among the top value added resellers for the best specialty manufacturers in the solar world including SunDanzer solar refrigerators and freezers, Simple Pump, Snap-Fan, Vari-Cyclone ceiling fans, Dankoff solar pumps, Valence lithium batteries, SolarLand; and we resell the top brands of solar panels, charge controllers and inverters working with the best wholesale distributors in the business.  If you need it, we can find it.

We are fortunate to have customers from every state in the USA, most of the provinces in Canada and around the rest of the world in places where we can be helpful.  Our strategy is to stock most of the small components we sell here in Winchester and to source large freight intensive components like batteries, solar modules and large inverters from sources close to you to save on shipping costs.

We are looking forward to helping you with your off grid solar projects.  Thanks for the opportunity to assist.  Ron, Pam Castle and Kristan Ware  Please contact us.

Our building at 401 Lynchburg Road purchased May 2011, an old country store built around 1940.

2,820 watt solar array installed September 2013.

Solar hardware and solar panel inventory

Visitor's parlor and SunDanzers in our office kitchen plus we have a great front porch, a real Southern style front porch