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2 Inch Solar Submersible Well Pump Fits in a Two Inch Casing!

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Finally, there is 2 inch solar submersible well pump that is engineered to provide about 3 gallons per minute at zero head with a maximum total dynamic head of 130 feet.  For well owners with 2 inch casings and static water levels of 130 feet or less, this is the ideal production or emergency backup pump that will fit in a Schedule 40 or Schedule 80 2 inch well. 

The Sunshine Pump is powered by a 300 watt or larger 24 volt 72 cell solar panel.  No controller is required.  Depending on your geographic location and solar insolation, a 15 amp linear current booster may be to your advantage.  For shallower static depths less panel may be suitable. The pump will run on DC voltages from 12 to 45.

Installation is simple and easy.  A low water detecting probe will prevent the pump from running dry.  The port in the pump head is 1 inch NPT. 

Attach a length of 1 inch inside diameter polyethylene tubing onto the pump barbed outlet using a hose clamp. Wire up your submersible pump cable.  Then, lower the pump to the desired water depth and energize the pump with your solar panel or batteries. It is really that fast and easy.

In the mean time, if you need a pump that will fit in a 2 inch casing with a 5 year warranty manufactured in the USA look at the Simple Pump deep well hand pump and the motorized hand pump option.  Our motorized Simple Pump at our off grid farm has pumped over 100,000 gallons in 5 years with zero maintenance.

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