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Litom LED Lighting Options

With the Litom line of lights, we've finally found a solar-powered lamp that puts out enough light to be useful! We've worked with a number of different manufactures  and Litom is the best we've found so far - the biggest issue being that most designs DO NOT give off enough light! Most lights only illuminate enough to give you a general idea of your surroundings. The LITOM lights on the other hand are good enough to reveal the location of your dropped keys without the use of a flashlight.

The spread is adequate and the design is sleek and nondescript. We recommend trying 1 of these lights depending on your needs. We guarantee that you'll be back to buy more, especially if you have multiple areas, walkways that need illumination.

The biggest thing we here at Sunshine Works stand behind is how these solar-powered lights actually save you money on wiring and batteries. They just work.


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