Why You Should Install Solar Panels on Your Home

Today the consumption of electricity services has been increased by a big margin if compared to previous 10 years. The main reason is the increase in the number of consumers all around the world. The increase in consumption has directly influenced the rise in energy bills.

In this scenario, solar energy is the pure and cost effective energy source at present. A number of advance solar appliances have been designed and developed so that it can reduce your energy cost to a great extent. The energy can also be stored in form of batteries for use at night.

Solar panels needs average amount of sunlight to charge completely. This is enough to power a house of three kids and two adults with surprisingly zero energy consumption. Solar panels appliances can last more than 25 years.

Solar panels and appliances are very cost effective and will help you to save a lot of your money. The average annual energy expenditure per person in Washington D.C. is $3,052, including transportation and residential energy. While, solar energy is cost less in installation and is free as it get power from sun. 

Solar panels also help in protecting roof from various elements like rain, snow and debris. It also helps in lowers the temperature of the house during sunny summer days as sunlight is directly absorbed by the panels.

The best of all is that the solar panels are highly eco friendly. As the energy produced by the sun is clean and pure. The installation of solar panels to the roof of house also helps combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduces our collective dependence on fossil fuel. 

Solar power also helps in increasing the jobs in clean energy production field. The recent study shows that in two decades, the world could generate 40 percent of its power from renewable resources.

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