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The SunDanzer DCRF450 is now available again.
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SunDanzer Models 50, 165 and 225 are chest type and will operate as a freezer or a refrigerator based on the thermostat that is installed.
SunDanzer DCR50 DCF50 Quantity
SunDanzer DCR165 DCF165 Quantity
SunDanzer DCR225 DCF225 Quantity
The SunDanzer 115 VAC 60 Hz control option allows some models of SunDanzer refrigerators and freezers to operate from 115 VAC grid, generator or inverter power.  AC becomes the default.  If the 115 VAC power fails, the controls automatically connect to 12 or 24 volt DC.  This option is not available for the DDR165 or DCF390.
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The SunDanzer DDR165 is a battery free refrigerator suitable only for non-perishable refrigeration, like canned beverages.  It operates solar panel direct 12 to 48 volts DC.
SunDanzer DDR165 Quantity
The DCF390 is SunDanzer's largest freezer 14.7 cubic feet.  It is only available as a freezer.  The 115 VAC option is not available with this model but we can provide a power supply to operate the DCF390 from grid, inverter or generator power.
SunDanzer DCF390 Freezer Quantity
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