Solar Installation Video
Off Grid PV Training Course 4 Hours 16 Chapters

If you want to learn about solar panel and off grid PV installation or if you just want to know more about how solar energy systems work, technology guru Bob Nagy has put together this 4 hour 3 DVD training course that covers both theory and practice in an easy to understand self-paced educational video.

The 16 chapter course is focused on off grid solar power systems but also covers basic electrical and electronics theory applicable to any PV system.  There is also a bonus section on the importance of energy efficiency.

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Learn the basics of solar site selection and the importance of a shade free location for your solar panels, how solar panels create electricity and the power of the sun.  Chapters 1 -4 cover the introduction to off grid solar, a PV panels overview, solar system building blocks and Ohms Law.

Solar battery types are examined and evaluated.  Electrical calculations are explained and demonstrated both in theory and in practice on the workbench using multimeters and amp meters.  Chapters 5 - 8 cover applied electronics in solar, battery types, inverters and charge controllers.

Chapters 9 - 12 discuss battery bank configurations for parallel and series wiring, solar panel types and configurations, solar panel arrays and mounting including some do it yourself mounts you can build, and an examination of three different system installations.

Chapters 13 - 16 include PV systems estimating, tax incentives for solar installations, a complete design walk through and ideas about system maintenance.

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Solar Installation Video Training Course
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Solar Installation Video Training Course
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